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  1. Bump - still available - 100$ INCLUDING SHIPPING
  2. I believe these are 73 versions - good shape- buyer pays shipping cost.
  3. Sure - I replied via text to your email a few days ago - with many details. Let me know if I should resend
  4. Thanks for the kind words. It really is a good car. I like tiaga green as well - by the looks of new cars it’s coming back in vogue. rj
  5. Ive posted my car on CL -here is the link and some details: Numbers matching car! Clean, well running bmw - new timing chain,new oil pump chain and tires! Crank seal /pan gasket etc all replaced at same time. New ground control springs (about 1" lower than stock) and koni shocks plus after market sway bar (rear) installed 12/2018. Rebuilt Weber 32/36 carb with manual choke. Compression 160-165 across all cylinders. Stahl header and IE SS exhaust system (All smog devices removed ) replaced dist with rebuilt early version. OE passenger side mirror. Runs and shifts fine. A/C removed and heater rebuilt. Doors and ignition use same key. All windows and locks work as they should. Radio works but is OLD - from 70s or 80s . Door panels NOT cut. All gauges work except odometer is intermittent - speedo fine. NO major rust- car was originally tiagra green now white " ok repaint" at unknown time - probably about 10 years ago. Solid car that is daily driven. Ugly late bumpers replaced with early style. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/cto/d/san-jose-1975-bmw-2002-smog-exempt/6810014369.html
  6. Anybody able to confirm the numbers on cam confirm this is a 284 cam?
  7. rjm

    Single side draft Weber

    I've often wondered why this set up is not popular. Seems way better than a down draft set up. I'm thinking the unequal lengths on the plenum is considered ineffieceint? Seems you guys have great results - I want one!
  8. I have pulled the steering wheel and replaced it with vise grips. - I feel its a noticeable improvement. So now I'm posting the OE wheel up for sale. Seeing the ridiculous prices folks pay for some random aftermarket pieces, I figure the REAL BAVARIAN made piece must be of equal or greater value. I mean, how many TRUE BMW enthusiasts consider Italian products superior to true BMW products. Face it, BMW's are the greatest machines ever built. Every part on these cars are stronger, faster and far better looking than some add on/left over/ wanna be Bimmer part. Take a close look at this wheel-The various cracks do not take away from the driving experience -even its shape tells you; its a wheel. As you can see by the pics the BMW badge has been removed from the center pad. I added this to my Honda Civic quick release steering wheel /hub (anodized red of course) Now VTEC kicks in real hard when the trans auto downshifts. - RESPECT !! suckas! UPDATE- well, this ad has been up for time - only got a couple guys interested in the Honda. So I'm lowering the price to $20. but buyer STILL pays shipping. rjm

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