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  1. The engine Quit on the prior owner he placed the car in storage after a tech told him the engine needed a rebuild he had 2 newer BMWs and thought he would get to it later. he had been driving the car for a few years and told me there were no other known issues. He and his wife loved to take it out on the weekends. He had no tech skills. I was about to replace the bearings but there was a death in the family and We inherited lots of shop tools with no room in my garage it was placed on the list; now we are about to move and sadly it won't be coming along.
  2. Wheel Well Suspension Points photos Engine needs new bearings / rebuild Transmission was working fine when last driven according to last owner The roof is smooth no sunroof to leak
  3. I have a 1976 2002 Project car with mild rust not running. I picked it up in Jacksonville. It has been in storage for 6 years. It's in need of a good home someone to care for it. I will be moving within the year and have no time to tend to it's needs. To many other demands on my time. It's a repaint Malaga 021/306, matching numbers VIN 2392208. One bolt left in flywheel and the motor will come out. 352-489-6009

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