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  1. Success! It was a bummer that I had to take it back out, but in the end I got the Bowden cable better adjusted and solved the wiring issue by making up a slightly longer wire to be sure it stayed connected during assembly. on to seat repairs. Thanks for the help.
  2. So I took my coffee out to the car and followed your suggestions. I cleaned the contacts at the 4 position switch. I double checked the ground at the mounting bolt. I rechecked the fuse. I realized the white and blue wires are for the tiny dash lights and power up with the headlights. Still nothing past the green and brown the back of the resistor. dlacey, your explanation of the switch being on the ground switch was helpful. I jumped a wire from the green and brown wire at wiring harness connector directly to the fan motor. The fan works perfectly. All switch positions function. I think that means that I am loosing connection from the resistor to the motor on the negative side. The bad news is that I think I need to pull the box back out and open it up again to fix this. I am not positive all my flaps were operating perfectly so now I have good reason to get it right. Thanks for the help and I will let you know if I have success. Tim
  3. I have the grounds connected to the mounting stud. Two bundles of grounds in fact. But always best to double check. I’ll poke my head under the dash tomorrow.
  4. I have pulled my heater box, cleaned the mouse hotel out of it and rehabbed it. I bench tested the fan and it runs quite well for its age. Now I have the heater box reassembled and back in the car, but still no operable fan. I have power through the switch and to the back of the resistor on the green and brown cable. I am not seeing any power through the blue and white (might be gray) wire with the key in any position and with the switch in any position. I am also not seeing any power on the three other wires on back of the resistor. When should I see power supplied to the blue and white wire at the switch? multi colored wires are fused correct? All fuses look to be good. What am I missing? Thanks in advance for guiding a rube. Tim I am also trying to replace the seat back release cables in both my front seats. Anyone know where I can source something like these?
  5. Hi Jeff, I have the same cable ends my now rusted and broken ropes. Can you tell me what cables you found that worked as replacements? thanks, Tim
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    I have little to no storage space so these bits and bobs need to go to someone who can use them or at least tuck them away. I removed the air condintioning system this summer. All the parts are there I believe. I have the console as well, but would need a replacement to let it go. Free for pick up. Tim
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