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    Fuel filler neck

    I'm interested. I'll PM you Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  3. stubynyc

    Ignition Switch with key

    PM Sent
  4. stubynyc

    For Sale: Tons of 2002 Parts - Check It Out!

    Do you have a straight center hood belt trim in good shape? How about a R door knee trim?
  5. Although this is an old discussion I thought I would post the link to the long neck fuel pump Steve from Blunttech recommended for me- 1970 2002. Part #13311257784
  6. jrhone- looks great! Took a look at your website- very inspired.
  7. Just saw that WN has a discount code until July 16 that will bring the price down to ~$300US shipped to the US.
  8. stubynyc

    Best Weber 32/36 Setup Tutorial?

    Yeah, something if you want to geek out on...I prefer esty's approach.
  9. stubynyc

    Best Weber 32/36 Setup Tutorial?

    The Weber Tuning Manual
  10. I see, the price I was looking at included VAT So it is 231.05 euro+ 49 euro shipping That is even better! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. That is awesome! I guess my conversion from the euro was off! Looks like I might grab one as well. Thanks.
  12. Thanks for the feedback everyone! W&N looks like ~$381 w/ shipping to the US, new, no core. I've read the lower hose can be purchased from W&N as well. Looks like it is on sale until 9/17/2018. I suppose you would go to a radiator shop to get the draincock (interesting name) installed? 2002AD- $325 +$50 core charge (refundable) + shipping depending on location. I was curious about these two as I wanted to keep the car looking as stock as possible with the least amount of modification. Both seem to fit the bill. That E21 radiator is a lot cheaper!! The 'minor drilling' is for the mounting screws I assume. Clearance is good as well? Here is a discussion to mount a E21. Looks like a little more work than I want.
  13. I have to replace the radiator on my 1970 2002. Does anyone have an opinion between these two? Thanks in advance! Links 2002AD Original radiator, multiple row recore Walloth Nesch High Cooling Radiator
  14. I'm just going to put these links here for anyone else trying to tune their carbs. Not specific to '02s but I think the principles can be applied across Weber users. This post offers a lot of clarity to address the lean spots and common problems due to improper installation. Here is the original post with images/illustration on a Triumph discussion board Weber Tuning Manual Tuning a DCOE A post from RX7 discussion board on operation/tuning of DCOEs
  15. stubynyc

    Broke Key in Ignition- link for new lockset

    schuetz1619- Yes, thanks for the info on the pin. That is exactly what I did..just didn't do such a clean job drilling. Hopefully it is still okay! Much appreciate your help. This is such a great community!