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  1. aussie2002

    1970 marine blue interior pictures - help

    perfect. thank you all very much. @Conserv thats is exactly the specification interior that I have. Less the chrome sides (maybe a weird RHD thing) Will post pics when its done........
  2. Hi all, It seems Im not as good at searching this forum as other........ Can anyone guide me to images of oringinal marine blue interiors (door cards, seats, headrests etc) I have all the restoration manuals but they are a bit thin on good images. Even a google search doesnt reveal much. Any help would be fantastic. Cheers Aussie02
  3. aussie2002

    Car is finished!

    congratulations looks fantastic - giving me even more motivation for my final few months of work on my 70 02.
  4. aussie2002

    BMW 2002 Service Repair Manual

    Great upload - Ive almost finished my car......and I only just found this.......!! looks like I got most of it correct - might have been a lot quicker with this. Cheers
  5. aussie2002

    Door install tricks and tips

    @swizman @mike great thank you for your info. Makes great sense. nightmare job for one person ! found that out the hard way, and ran into the desert several times...... Shimming is something I hadn't considered - I reckon i need quite an angle to get the top in heading inboard. @swizman your first post also helped a lot. I'm going to get this all nailed this weekend. Cheers
  6. aussie2002

    Door install tricks and tips

    thanks everyone, great information.
  7. Hi all, getting closer and closer getting my wheels on the road. Exciting times. Looking for any advice on door install. The status is this: - new seals that are fitting well (OE) - new sill plastic, which also fits well. The door: - fully refurbed. - Window mech and all internals removed and restored. - winder, door mech, lock all work well. The door fitting: - new bolts - door went on ok, with only minimal mucking around to get the new bolts in Door alignment: - got it to open close ok. - seems to be excessively tight on the hinge end when closing. - feels like I’m bending steel for the last 75mm before it latches - seal compression at leading edge of door seems ok, but this is what is making the last 75mm feel hard to close. - top of window frame flares out? I have adjusted the internal bolts to reposition, but can’t seem to stop in flaring out at the top. It looks like it is positioned on the door seal ok. - Help - how do I get the top of the frame to move inboard? - how much pressure is normal? It seems high. - do I align door to rear panel first, and then align hood to door? - what gaps should exist front and rear of door. Any ideas / pictures from all you 02 legends out there would be great. Cheers Aussie02 Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. aussie2002

    1970 door cards / interior panels - help

    @stephers thanks yep, I could cut the cards - can the current vinyl be removed easily, perhaps I could then use that - I'm told that to get the new vinyl done with the curved imprint in the vinyl it requires a special tool to be made. And I to keep it original I need the wide chrome peice. Anyone know of an effective stick on or spray chrome?
  9. Hi all, Progress is going well with the overall restoration - this part of the resto however has been bugging me for 12 mths !! my options are Repair / restore these? (new cards, patch up the vinyl) 100% original (see door card / panel photos attached) get new ones made (I have the OEM vinyl) I'm being quoted about $1500 Aussie dollars to do the 4. - but they cant replicate the wide chrome piece which I really like. buy new but only can find '73 on version (wallothnesch) (the have a pre 73 LH only) and not sure if they will colour match my restored seats. - put 73 on a 70?? buy replicas (i,e aardvark etc) bu not sure about the quality and fit etc etc. - can anyone recommend a good supplier of replica door card / panels. have a large beer and ponder for 12 more months?? Any advice would be great. they are Marine blue with black top sash. Also added some general resto photos for anyone thats interested. Cheers Aussie02 IMG_4915.HEIC IMG_4555.HEIC IMG_3450.HEIC IMG_7559.HEIC IMG_1599.HEIC IMG_3138.HEIC IMG_3435.HEIC IMG_4242.HEIC IMG_4817.HEIC IMG_5486.HEIC IMG_5406.HEIC IMG_6421.HEIC
  10. Hi jgerock - I'm currently having the same trouble with the wiring, how did you resolve it? Cheers Aussie02
  11. aussie2002

    71 clutch mc kit advice

    Thanks everybody. I’ve learned a lot. I’ll fully remove the Mc. Resleve. No shortcuts for me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. aussie2002

    71 clutch mc kit advice

    @'76mintgrün'02 Thanks for your reply Yes the RHD drive master is tricky to remove - but can be done - I have all new lines, engine bay paint, cables etc in that area and it will make a mess. I haven't got a rebuild kit, but Jaymic have one for about $50. A new RHD master is around $300. I don't have carpet or any interior in the car yet, so a little bit of fluid drain inside isnt an issue.
  13. Hi all - can a clutch master cylinder repair kit be installed (RHD car) without taking out the master cylinder - i.e from the inside of the car foot well? Hoping its an easier job than complete removal. Cheers Aussie02
  14. aussie2002

    WTB Interior Parts

    I have both the 69 turn signal and low / high beam switches. They work ok, however the LH indicator doesn't stay in the on position. I'm in Australia though. If interested I can take photos etc. Cheers
  15. aussie2002

    Fuel filler 71

    Cleaned this up for my own car then realised it didn’t fit pre 71. All original. Only slight ageing cracks on vent aperture. The rest is good. I cleaned it all up and sprayed metal with clear coat anti rust. From Australia. Not sure on price, so let me know. I’ll take care packing it for OS. Buyer needs to pay freight. Cheers Aussie02m Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk