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  1. Hi all, My Drivers seat leans back on the left side. The pivot on the left side seems to have lots of play. From what I can see on this forum it seems to be a common problem. Is this an easy fix? Any help is appreciated. Cheers Aussie02
  2. ok cheers, thats exactly what i've got, but my fronts look black, maybe i need glasses...........
  3. a month after installing all new manifold and and other intake / 'vacuum' related items all nuts needed tightening. This was a very frustrating and hard to find cause for vacuum leak that caused too much air in the mix and consequential backfire and stalling under braking. I'd be checking again for vacuum leaks.
  4. Hi all, I have a complete new marine blue interior and now down to the door arm rests and rear seat armrests. The original rear armrests are blue whereas the front door armrests appear to be black. Can anyone confirm what the colour for both is meant to be? seems logical that both should be black but the rears are blue? Pictures are just because I reckon the seats are brilliant..... Any advice would be great. Cheers Aussie02 IMG_3838.HEIC IMG_3839 2.HEIC
  5. Hi all, i'm finding it pretty difficult to work out the correct rebuild kit for my diff (bearings, seals etc) - can anyone what OTS kit is the correct one? Images attached - it is a 1971 02. RegardsIMG_4392.HEIC Aussie02IMG_4388.HEIC
  6. i'm looking for a few also? with keys, any ideas? Cheers Aussie02
  7. Thanks Everyone - thats fantastic - !! got a few options now. Cheers
  8. Hi all, got my car on the road and it runs like a dream....however, it is clear that my diff is knackered.... I'd also like to make it limited slip, as I have no traction.....(I'm in the hills and there are lots of corners :_)) So, can I buy a LS replacement kit and rebuild? My IE, Bluntech, WN etc dont seem to have anything like this. What are my options? Do I really need to go for 320 LSD? any advice would be great. Cheers Aussie02
  9. I had the same issue and found that earthing was the issue. Not only did mine rely on the instrument panel earth but all earthing. Including engine earth. Getting a better engine earth made all the difference for the car in general. I also ran and extra earth from the IP. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I hear you for sure. And thanks for the reality check. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. thanks Mike - ok, I will persist - not a one person job! might just be a matter of a few washers etc to get the spacing correct. Cheers Paul
  12. Hi all, will / can a front and rear long bumper set from the upgrade 71 2002 fit a 69 2002? Stupidly i restored the 71 set to go on the 69 - at a glance it looked ok, now in going to fit them the clearances are all strange. Should I persist or is it a lost cause? I've searched for tech articles and can see kits on Bluntech etc but its still a bit of a mystery. Cheers Aussie02
  13. Hi all, so, its very slow progress getting the door fitting correct. I'm very close with the door itself, only a few tweaks to go. I'm now working on adjusting the window frame and WOW - that is FUN.... I'm finding it hard to work out what position / alignment the chrome frame should have against the door seals (they are OE seals). Where are the seals are meant to rest on the frame? Has anyone got any photos of the front leading edge relative to the a pillar (gap) and also photos of perhaps it meeting the seal. Cheers Aussie02

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