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  1. I have a 76' smog car that is in need of a new EGR tube (or at least I believe its an EGR tube), the braided metal portion has given up the ghost and I need a cheap replacement for it. I have found the part number: 11711260086 but im not sure if thats the right number. Im also wondering if it would be possible to fabricate a hardline or would that not work in this application. I would supply pictures and more information but my car is currently in the shop so I'm going off of memory here. Any help is massively appreciated -Dillon
  2. Ive read in the forums that some people have gaskets on their oil filter housing (between the housing and the block), and ive also read that 2002's came from the factory without a gasket and that they shouldn't need a gasket. Do I need a gasket or not? Thank you!
  3. Well, this day has come a lot sooner than I had hoped. Ive been restoring a 76' 2002 since I was 15 years old, and I may have to part with her. There is an oil leak behind the oil filter housing and the car has almost no compression, the shop told me that its either time for a rebuild or an engine swap. Im currently not in the best financial situation but I would definitely regret selling the car for the rest of my life. I was hoping that people on this forum who have experience either rebuilding or engine swapping 2002's could give me some wisdom, what would be the ballpark figure for a rebuild or an m20 swap (or a cheaper swap)? I realize these numbers can vary wildly depending on the scope of the project but I would love for someone to convince me to dump more money into my wonderful little car. Any help in this is greatly appreciated.
  4. IMG_9040.mov IMG_9040.mov I have just finished installing a shift linkage refurbish kit, along with new nuts for the flex plate bolts. I pull out of my garage and immediately it starts making this noise (see the video), I assume something on the driveshaft is hitting something. Is this one of those tell-tale signs of something? I have ground away some material on the shift plate support arm to hopefully give the flex plate bolts some clearance. Has anyone else run into this problem?
  5. Wow! That's exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so much!
  6. I am currently working on refurbishing my shift linkage and I've run into a problem, the metal bar that supports the linkage and keeps it off of the driveshaft has a rubber part that has disintegrated (see the photos below), it's this little rubber piece that encircles the tube where the bolt goes into. I am wondering what this piece is called and where I can get a replacement? EDIT: Solved by TG2k2
  7. I have been looking around at possible Golde sunroof cable alternatives since Volvo 240 cables are kind of rare and BMW ones are growing exponentially in cost. I've stumbled upon cables that look similar and are a lot cheaper, I don't know if they will fit but they look similar. 1: Super Beatle cables (The photo with the woodgrain background). I assume they are smaller but the mounts look similar. 2: Porsche 911 Cables (The Photos with the blue background). The mounts look similar on these as well Anyone have any luck with these or know if they fit? Thanks Also does anyone know where to get the slides for the front of the sunroof?
  8. Hello! I am looking for a functioning instrument cluster for a 1976 California BMW, I have been looking around but it seems like the only ones I have found are for older 2002's. My fuel gauge has never worked so I had my mechanic take a look, he said that the wiring and fuel send unit are fine so it's probably the cluster. Thanks for the help!
  9. I’m trying to get all of my gauges working and I’ve found some wires that seem to lead to nowhere. The first two wires are blue and are attached to the firewall. The other two are sticking out of the main bundle going to the battery. I know the photos and descriptions are quite vague but I would appreciate the help, thank you!
  10. I am currently looking for some sort of replacement for sunroof cables on my 2002, I don't have the little rollers either so I have the rear of the sunroof propped up with styrofoam. I would love a bit more of a long-term solution? My current plan is to just seal it up with some sort of caulk (not ideal). I swear every time I look at new sunroof cables for sale they go up $100 in price. Thanks!


  12. A 123 looks promising but ill probably keeping looking for the old one due to the price, thanks Y'all!
  13. I just put my 1976 02 in the smog shop and it failed, my local BMW shop said I need a vacuum advance distributor. Anyone here have one for sale? Im having trouble finding one
  14. I'm trying to put a stereo into a 1976 02, I'm having trouble finding a power and ground source for it. I've tried to run it off of the cigarette lighter but it doesn't seem to have enough juice. I'm probably doing something wrong here since this is my first stereo installation, please help!
  15. Im currently drilling and tucking the front bumper shocks in my 76' 2002, all of the fluid is out and one of them easily retracted. However, the other shock wont move, i tried hammering on it but it didnt do much. I noticed a bolt on the back of each shock, does that have something to do with it?
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