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  2. Im currently drilling and tucking the front bumper shocks in my 76' 2002, all of the fluid is out and one of them easily retracted. However, the other shock wont move, i tried hammering on it but it didnt do much. I noticed a bolt on the back of each shock, does that have something to do with it?
  3. I am currently working on a 1976 02' and im making a custom fog light mount for the front of the car. The lights will mount on the bumper mount (the big shocks sticking out of the front) via a slanted cross beam welded to the shocks. I however want to shorten the shocks (because they stick out like crazy). Ive read that you can just drill them and collapse them but I dont really want to spray the fluid everywhere, I was wondering if there was a more humane way to do this?
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