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  1. Thank you! I have the Ireland Engineering 8mm spark plug wires, however I did put them in a modified m20 spark plug wire sleeve. so I will remove them and try it without. I also have for a distributor a Ireland Engineering rebuilt T.i.i without vacuum advance, but I replaced the crane system they supplied after it fried on a 600 mile road trip (my fault for improper resistance) Cap has about 4,000 miles and the rotor is a new IE zero resistance Rotor. (got a new cap coming in the mail but old one is still decent) My main reason for proper timing curve is because I live near Aspen Co. where my car regularly sees 8,000 feet above sea level. (its seen 10,000 feet as well) She runs Rich even though the Weber has been Jetted and tested for this altitude. (I do not want pinging, and I don't want washed rings either.) Ill find max advance and its speed, set it for 36 degrees and go from there. main goal is for it to run as well as it can without any damage.
  2. I do have a question..... but I have to bore you first. I have recently installed a MSD Street Fire box on my m10. I was quite happy with some improved gas mileage and a little more "oomph" at low RPMs. (or at least it feels that way to me) but I had to set my distributor to 0 degrees advanced any more and it starts to shake at 2200rpm. At first I kind of thought "Because I put on a MSD, its reasons not known to science and I have to live with it" but then I started playing with my Pertronix and realized it messed with the timing advance curve, like a lot. Didn't keep track of the first gap I had it at (it was probably at .050) but when I set it to .030 I noticed I could advance it to 5 degrees advance (at 1,400RPM) without the shakes at 2,200 RPM I kept going till I set the Pertronix gap to .016 (what regular old points want) and got to about 15 degrees advance at 1,400 RPM. (no shakes) its close to what my old book wants for that speed with the T.I.I. distributor. I am now curious if I should dust off my dwell meter and try and set it like points. I cant find anything online to back this up so my Question is..... Did anyone else notice that with adjusting Pertronix gap? Or is this a weird MSD fluke ? (everybody sets theirs to .030) Can you measure dwell with Pertronix ? What degrees advance do you guys set your timing ? and what do you think I should try and achieve with my m10? (high top pistons, shaved head, weber 38/38, MSD street fire with MSD coil)
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