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  1. Kimosabi

    Is the KC BMW 2002 group in existence?

    I'm a member of the KC BMWCCA group but have yet to see any 2002 at the monthly C&C. Looking forward to seeing an '02 in person at the monthly C&C at Panera's on Shawnee Mission Pwy Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  2. Kimosabi

    Is the KC BMW 2002 group in existence?

    Is it possible to PM Keith's contact information? I understand he attends the MidAmerica02 but it represents a scheduling conflict this year.
  3. An email to was bounced. I am trying to network with a local 2002 group for hands on experience and learned that the owner of was in the KCMO area. However with the bounced email inquiry, I'm wondering if I've reached a dead end. May I receive some help from this forum to locate a local resource? Thanks!