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  1. Thanks so much for the reco, @Teelinger I'm interested in quality, but not concourse. I'll have to ask insurance about out of state repairs. If anyone has any local intel, I'd appreciate any leads. Steve's Imports comes up in my google search as an option; a few 60/70s Porsches in the photos.
  2. Hi all, I got hit from behind at a stoplight on Friday. Guy got out of his car, looked around, and decided he didn't want to stick around and drove off. I had the presence of mind to take some photos of him, his license plate, and his car before he split. Crumpled the rear quarter and cracked the, as far as I know, original paint. Now I'm beginning the insurance process. I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a shop specializing in our cars? -Ryan
  3. Hey all - There is a parts car and a trunk lid currently on Portland, OR Craigslist. NMNA, but figured one of you might be interested.
  4. Hi all, Did ScottCLo or others find a definitive answer for fitting e21 steel wheels (13 x 5.5" et18) with IE big brake kit on non-tii struts? The closest answer I saw in this thread (and the forum) from Conserv was "a little more wiggle room" for the et18 steel. I am in the same boat you were in, Scott. My car needs rotors + pads so it's a good time to upgrade (or not). I want to keep the e21 steel on the car. I also have 13x5.5 borranis as an option, but would prefer the e21 steelies for now.
  5. I'll take a set. Thank you.
  6. Hi Blake- It looks like you can't receive messages. 


    I'm in Portland and have noticed a few of your getrag trans for sale. Keep me in mind for a local buyer if you come across another decent parts car. I would also be interested in the radiator, driveline, LSD, etc. Probably what everyone is looking for! 


    Do you go to any local club stuff? This is my first 02; curious how many people get together for cars and coffee, track nights, or cruises. I never went to anything like that with my e46. 




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