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  1. Selling e21 Recaro's with brackets Seats look like they lost a fight to Edward scissor hands, but are structurally great. Elastics on the bottoms are very tight and all the mechanisms work flawless. Sport steering wheel is worn, but no tears in the leather. Great candidate for a sand and re dye. Recaro's are $410 USD + Shipping Steering wheel is $50 USD + Shipping Thanks For Looking!
  2. Selling parts from this e21 rear subframe. I bought this sight unseen and had a friend pick it up in another city. The guy i bought it off of said it came from a 1980 320is. Upon further investigation, its infact an open diff, not an LSD. Because of this im parting it out. For sale: Drive shaft- $120 Dont think anyone would want the subframe or the rear arms but let me know. Thanks for the interest
  3. Selling a gertrag 245 5 speed out of a 320is Car it was pulled from had 110,000 km and was dismantled due too a seized engine Willing to ship to the US 48, Shipping is around $180 CDN A little dirty but i havent had a chance to clean it $650 USD or best offer
  4. Selling Recaro Seats These are the same dimensions as the famous E21 recaro seats Very nice mesh head rests and good foam for recovering The seats them selves are dirty and torn, but the frame is rust free and the straps under the seat are in great condition Does not come with brackets Willing to ship to the united states $600 USD obo
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