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  1. Dude! Thanks man! I owe you some cold ones!
  2. Yeah and getting a 5 speed put in that I got from Gary.
  3. Yeah he's working on mine. It was the red one on the lift. 😁
  4. Was your car there on Tuesday at meccanica?
  5. I could never find one at the stores.
  6. Worked on my wheels some more. I kinda wish I had a sandblaster sometimes. Slowly but surely I'll finish.
  7. HI Dave, Are the seat belts that you have on the site a pair or individual? https://www.blunttech.com/shop/1366btkt
  8. Looking for a rearview mirror for my 76. Thanks!
  9. Did some more work on the wheels. I tried to remove the old paint with paint stripper and got some okay results. Still quite aways from removing the old paint.
  10. Decided to finally work on some wheels I bought a few years ago. I cleaned them with oven cleaner and sprayed down with the pressure washer. Still uncertain what color to respray them and or polish the lips. Tomorrow I'll start sanding them down.
  11. Bought some seats a couple of weeks ago. Today I had a little bit of time to clean them up. They look pretty good but definitely will need a reupholster in the future.
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