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  1. they don't like the smell of mint as well
  2. it's not losing coolant at all. I don't drive it. the most I've driven it is from one side of the street to the other because of street sweeping. I posted a pic before of the cylinder head and was told it was fine just condensation from not being driven for longer periods.
  3. coolant is fine which is the weird part. the spark plugs are fine as well.
  4. installed a new exhaust. did an oil change. as you can see it was nasty. I also replaced the studs and gasket on the exhaust manifold last week but am still slightly leaking from the bottom studs. I'm just going to buy the ireland header and replace it next weekend.
  5. Worked on trying to install an e21 steering wheel today. I used 1/4 inch vinyl tape to create a line to cut the steering wheel trim straight with an angle grinder. I also used a piece from the old steering wheel on to the new steering wheel so I can have a working horn. The only thing that I'm having trouble with is the broken tabs on the steering wheel trim. Should I glue it to the steering wheel or is there another way for it to hold in place? Also there was a spacer where the spline is located . Does it need to be there? Should I put it back on??
  6. I'm having kind of a similar situation with the search function as well. When I try to search for something I get no results. I have to search via google to find something on the site.
  7. what's up with that straight bar schwinn or hawthorne frame?
  8. I decided to give my car a bit of a quick wash.
  9. Would love to do this or wiling to pay someone to 3d print those pieces.

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