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  1. Thanks all - will clean ‘er up and toss it back in. Happy wrenching
  2. 👌🏽Street car for now - maybe some auto-x down the line when it’s a little better sorted.
  3. Hi All - doing a full front suspension rehab and just wrapped up the lovely process of drilling out the original ball joint rivets from the lower control arm. I got two out with no issue but while drilling out the last one I ovaled out one of the control arm mounting holes. Looking for input but I think I already know the answer...is this minor enough to toss back on or does luck say I should eat the cost of a new control arm? Photos below:
  4. These are still for sale - I'm moving and need to get rid of them. Make me an offer!
  5. Selling blue front seats from my '76 - rails included. Drivers seat looks to have been reupholstered by a previous owner - passenger seat shows cracking. All adjustment mechanisms are working. See photos below - Available for pickup in Seattle area. Please make me an offer.
  6. Similar question to Kiva - Relocating to Seattle in the coming months and looking to get a line on a place to keep and occasionally work on my 02. Any suggestions would be great from some local folks!
  7. What is the fate of the various vacuum lines when removing those three smog switches - just plug them?
  8. Thanks for all of your responses - great community you all have here! I don't have a line on a donor car locally (Chicagoland area) but that definitely seems like a great option. If anyone knows of someone in the area I'm all ears! After cleaning up some of the rust I think the patch (whatever the material may be) may have to be up to an 1-2"+ wide. Does the POR + Fiberglass approach still apply with that much dead space? This will ultimately end up being a weekend driver + autocross toy so I am aiming for presentable and not necessarily perfect. I'd like to do it 'properly' and only once but also don't want to pay $x,xxx to get someone to do it.
  9. Hi All - New 2002 owner and first time poster. I recently picked up a '76 with a lovely display of rust around the rear windscreen. Certain small portions of it do go clean through. I plan to pull the glass this weekend to get the full story. Aside from this the only serious rust I have found after stripping the interior and crawling around under the car is in the typical floor pan locations - frame rails appear solid. Now to get to my two questions...Are these spots of rust around the rear window cause for structural concern? If yes then I am assuming the proper approach is to patch with 18ga. Any rough guess on cost for that to be professionally done if I have removed the glass etc in advance?

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