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  1. CF2002

    Trunk Lid Wanted - Seattle Area

    Thanks very much - will keep an eye out.
  2. CF2002

    Trunk Lid Wanted - Seattle Area

    Do you have any photos you could share? Definitely interested.
  3. CF2002

    1974 Rear Seats

    I have blue upper and lower in decent shape. Located in Seattle.
  4. Looking for a trunk lid in decent shape - no preference on color or presence of trim as everything will be getting resprayed. replacing one with some relatively serious rust around the lower inner edges. Let me know!
  5. Thanks everyone for the feedback - I ended up picking up this door from Tacoma this morning. Had a small dent around the door handle but in considerably better shape than mine. Just discovered a few tag along spiders that came with the cargo 🙈.
  6. Hi All - After investigating some paint bubbles I have unearthed the equivalent of a Bondo iceberg on my driver side door - see below. I am torn on how to proceed. I most certainly don't want to slather on that much filler again but am torn about the right (most cost effective) approach here. I am not looking for the car to be a show stopper but I want it to be reasonably straight. It seems like the door hinge may have been hyper extended at some point and crunched against the fender. I haven't had a ton of luck finding a replacement door or better means of repairing - any tips or leads on parts would be be very much appreciated. Located in Seattle area.
  7. These are still available. I was thinking $250 but honestly not sure what these go for. If you're interested I also have matching rears. Colby
  8. Selling blue front seats from my '76 - rails included. Drivers seat looks to have been reupholstered by a previous owner - passenger seat shows cracking. All adjustment mechanisms are working. See photos below - Available for pickup in Seattle area. Please make me an offer.
  9. Solenoids, vac control and head shield SOLD. TR discovered to have one crack along a weld. TR, Downpipe, wiring harness and addtl hoses + piping still available. Colby
  10. CF2002

    Blower Motor Resistor

    In going through my spare parts box I found a new in box blower motor resistor (BMW Part 64111380029 Blower Motor Resistor). Not something I need anymore so figured I'd offer it below market on here for someone who does. $70 + Shipping from 98102. Photos:
  11. bump + willing to sell items individually if there is interest.
  12. Selling the CA SMOG Equipment off of my '76 2002. Everything for sale is being sold as is and is pictured below. Asking $300 obo - PayPal or Cash. Willing to ship but will be at buyers expense. Whats for sale? - Included but not pictured is a functioning air pump (belt not included) and manifold heat shield. - Everything pictured below included: > Full electric harness > Thermal reactor + down pipe > Hoses, clamps etc
  13. Similar question to Kiva - Relocating to Seattle in the coming months and looking to get a line on a place to keep and occasionally work on my 02. Any suggestions would be great from some local folks!
  14. CF2002

    help with desmogging

    What is the fate of the various vacuum lines when removing those three smog switches - just plug them?
  15. CF2002

    Rear Windscreen Rust

    Thanks for all of your responses - great community you all have here! I don't have a line on a donor car locally (Chicagoland area) but that definitely seems like a great option. If anyone knows of someone in the area I'm all ears! After cleaning up some of the rust I think the patch (whatever the material may be) may have to be up to an 1-2"+ wide. Does the POR + Fiberglass approach still apply with that much dead space? This will ultimately end up being a weekend driver + autocross toy so I am aiming for presentable and not necessarily perfect. I'd like to do it 'properly' and only once but also don't want to pay $x,xxx to get someone to do it.