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  1. Spent some quality time in the garage this afternoon and have identified my problem and also arrived at a fix (temporarily at least). Thank you all for the help in troubleshooting. I have to come clean - Ashamedly, this was a problem of my own making. More on that below. Thanks to a stiff wire and some vice grips for added leverage I managed to push through the obstruction enough to see a tiny dribble of oil through my boroscope.This brought me some relief and at the same time was concerning. I then bent a hook into the end of a piece of safety wire and went fishing down the shaft for a while. I was able to wiggle it to the opposite end of the shaft after a while. When pulling it out I felt some resistance...and as it finally exited I found my oil covered culprit. A splinter of a drumstick I used as a drift to get the intake rocker shaft out when it was a little too snug to pull out by hand. thought I had been careful, but clearly not careful enough. Have always used a wooden drift on other projects but this is my lesson learned. Going to try to clean and flush the shaft of any remaining small pieces of debris and use the boroscope to confirm. In the name of not being a hack I still feel the need to replace this shaft and give everything another thorough cleaning 😑
  2. Thanks all - I am planning to spend a little more time trying to carefully probe in from the back of the shaft to see if I can unblock any obstruction and reassess with the boroscope. But ultimately acknowledge the right way forward is likely going to be to replace that shaft with the head on or off. I haven’t accepted that yet...but will soon I suppose. The front plugs are still in place on both shafts. Will keep the thread posted.
  3. @2002iiiI fear I’ll need to pull the head off again as well. No weird noises on startup or anything abnormal other than the light. Cannot imagine what could have gotten in there or how. This head and the rocker shafts came off the engine I’ve been running in the car for years. No oiling issues prior - at least none that threw the idiot light. Shafts were in good shape (externally atleast) so I reused. Going to prod around in there some more before tearing it all off again. @Son of Marty there is a plug in the end of the exhaust rocker shaft.
  4. Thanks for all of the suggestions of what to look into. Have checked into many and am still stumped. The cam bearings haven’t been modified to accept a bigger cam and I removed the oil bar banjo bolt and turned the motor over a few times - oil started flowing out albeit somewhat slowly. So the head is getting oil. I took a my cheap boroscope and sent it down the back of the intake rocker shaft and I believe I see an obstruction about ~6” in. Looos like something that is ‘supposed’ to be there rather than a rag or some sort of debris but can’t say for sure. See video - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UdoT-e-a5AFwqbhEThJGHXrTKYPasUKb/view?usp=drivesdk
  5. Had been running 20w-50 previously to try and stave off the leaking valve stem seal and keep the tired bottom end happy. Planning to keep running it since the bottom end isn't a spring chicken anymore unfortunately.
  6. Thanks @2002iii that is incredibly helpful. Had been looking for something similar but came up empty handed. I pulled my distributor housing and felt around down the intake rocker shaft with a thin wire - seems that there is something obstructing it about ~6-8" in. Will look into that further tomorrow. I also found it interesting/surprising that there was very little oil inside the distributor housing where the cam and diz gears mesh. Assumed it may come pouring out but maybe I'm being paranoid at this point.
  7. Good point regarding orientation of the reliefs for the c-clips - I definitely didn't swap E and I shafts in that case. Based on what @Son of Marty suggested I validated that the rocker shaft plugs are both facing the timing gear/front of the engine. Given that looks good it seems like maybe some sort of blockage in the shaft potentially. Will remove the oil pressure switch and carefully dig around down there to check for some sort of blockage.
  8. Much appreciated - Thanks for the lead. I know what I'm doing this weekend now. Glad I didn't get over-eager and try to take her out.
  9. Oof. That makes sense. When you say in wrong do you mean I accidentally swapped the intake and exhaust rocker shaft? I must have mislabeled when I was dissembling (and not paying enough attention when reassembling). From what I reckon each can only go in one way given the cam/rocker shaft locking plate notches.
  10. Hi All - Recently did a full rebfurb of my head that started as a job to just replace some badly worn valve stem seals. "while you're in there" got the best of me and in went new rockers, springs and a 292 etc. While to my delight the motor fired up nearly immediately after getting everything back together...my oil idiot light came on and remained on for the duration of the ~90 seconds I ran the motor. Don't have a gauge so I decided to pull the oil pressure sensor to see if any oil was making its way to the end of the line - doesn't seem like it is. I pulled the valve cover and it looked as if oil had been getting fed appropriately but could easily be assembly lube and the additional oil I added during/after assembly I guess. I was dreading that my oil pressure relief valve may be stuck - so while changing the oil just now I decided to turn the motor over with the oil filter off - a mess of oil came out as I had hoped. So now I am stumped as to diagnosing the problem. The banjo bolt on the oil bar for the head is on nice and snug and doesn't appear to be leaking. I am running 20W-50 but I can't imagine it taking more than a few seconds of running for pressure to at least begin building. What potential problem areas/diagnoses am I missing here? A little bit stumped at this point. Thanks for any ideas. Cheers
  11. Thanks all - will clean ‘er up and toss it back in. Happy wrenching
  12. ??Street car for now - maybe some auto-x down the line when it’s a little better sorted.
  13. Hi All - doing a full front suspension rehab and just wrapped up the lovely process of drilling out the original ball joint rivets from the lower control arm. I got two out with no issue but while drilling out the last one I ovaled out one of the control arm mounting holes. Looking for input but I think I already know the answer...is this minor enough to toss back on or does luck say I should eat the cost of a new control arm? Photos below:
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