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  1. Just to post some pictures for those who are interested. By following the original posters cut-outs I get this result. I have both E24 seats + E24 center console. No cut-outs were done to the center console for this result. I am hesitant to cut more, as some other people have, simply to try to "hook" the seats to the original hook.. As of now I plan to make a homemade hook that will sit between the seats and the rear frame. The seats are very comfortable to sit in in their current position/angle and do not move or feel loose. Unless anyone who has cut out more of their seats can give me similar feedback with their setup, then I think this is the way to go !
  2. APka

    Genuine headliner

    Hello all, A little while ago I purchased 3 metres of the genuine BMW headliner from Wallothnesch for my restoration project, however I have decided to opt for a suede headliner instead. I am therefore selling the un-used, pretty much only just opened to check it out, headliner fabric. I did not measure the length, but I am basing it off of my trust in Wallothnesch to be accurate in being 3 metres long. It is currently being sold on their website for 49.80€ per metre. I am looking for 125€ + Shipping from France.
  3. Sorry to dig this back up, but have you sorted out the blinker indicator issue?
  4. APka

    Turbo seats

    Lars, Where do you source your black vinyl for the outer parts of Recaro seats? I'm looking to re-upholster a complete interior with E21 Recaros, E24 rear buckets and also the door panels etc, so I want to get the fabric just right... I am looking for the black smooth effect that we see on many Recaro seats from the period, however, besides US websites, I can't find any sources here in Europe (France in particular...). Any help would be much appreciated!
  5. APka

    Interior thoughts

    Do you know if the E24 front seats are the same as the E21 in terms of size? It is very hard to find E21 seats in France...
  6. APka

    Interior thoughts

    Your interior is honestly absolutely stunning ! 100% love everything you've done there... How did you get the headliner black? (or is it grey?)
  7. Hello everyone ! I have recently purchased a set of Joni sports, along with eibach springs... however my dust caps and dust protection are completely wasted. What do people using koni's use for dust caps ? Also, bilstein come with blue dust protections for each strut, are they the same size for Koni's? Thanks in advance everyone !
  8. Hello all, I have a simple question... I have just ordered a set of Koni Sports, but I am now unable to find anywhere in Europe (I live in France) that I can buy a set of springs that interests me... I had my eyes set on the Ireland Engineering Stage 2, however including shipping + import fees they cost more than I am willing to pay. The same applies for most brands infact ! I then hoped to get H&R springs, however same problem... Where do my fellow Europeans buy their gear?...
  9. So, to keep you all updated, I haven't yet had a chance to take off the head, but I have removed the intake... I had previously purchased an intake manifold for a 316, and it appears to be the same size... Here are some photos of the diameters of the intake, do these confirm anything (1.6/2L), or are they the same size on both engines? Thanks in advance,
  10. So you are saying that 1502's and Turbo's both had the same styled pistons? (Albeit slightly larger on the Turbo's)?
  11. Thanks everyone fort he insight regarding the pistons ! I will try and open it up soon and let you all know what I have inside... However, one thing still eludes me : How is it physically possible to have a 1.6L head on a 2L engine? Isn't that by itself impossible? A friend of mine refuses to believe it is possible, and I, for lack of experience/knowledge, am still trying to wrap my own head around the concept... Haha silly me ^^ Could anyone explain to a simpleton such as myself how this is possible? Thanks again guys.. Hopefully I'll get out of this mess soon !
  12. What do you mean by piano top pistons? Do you happen to know where I can find out more info regarding piston dimensions / diameters, and admission diameters, so that when i take more of it apart this weekend I can try and determine what I have exactly? Thanks in advance !
  13. Would a 2002 from 72-73 have a 36-40 PDSI Solex carb on it ?
  14. Ok so I found the number ! 1656688
  15. Yes I know understand my mistake haha, I have the same Cast number on the top left. In the oval, I have 21A written.