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  1. Hey guys, As I have previously been discussing the idea of switching out my stock 1502 carb set for a dual DCOE40 setup, many said that I would not be that much of a gain for the engine... So if I were to remain with a stock 1502 engine, but to simply stick on a single DCOE 40 carb, with new air filters etc, and an adapted manifold (no idea which size i would even need to get, as noone seems to sell for 1502, and everyone says 2002 is too big...), would I be able to get a slight improvement of hp, and maybe a bit of a better sound? Thanks in advance...
  2. I would be very interested in this, but to save us all time, before I ask anything else I will ask - would you ship to France?
  3. Hello everyone, As stated in the title, I'm in search of a set of 2 hella headlamps that would be compatible with driving on the right side of the road. My car is a RHD UK car, and I'm getting it modified for French roads. Thanks in advance,
  4. Email sent ! Let me know if you get it to make sure I used the correct email...
  5. I would be very interested in your 1502 speedo (Do you have any photos?) ! Allow me to get in touch with you somehow so we can arrange this ! Possible life saver haha
  6. Please let me know if you can find a 1502 speedo like mine ! Let me know how much you would want for it !
  7. I am looking for a KPH speedo along these lines... Despite having a manual 1502... I have the clock
  8. Hello again ! Would there be much difference putting a 2002 KPH speedometer in a 1502 that was previously MPH?
  9. Wow thanks for the link ! Bit pricey, but I guess if I have to, this is the best option !
  10. Thanks for the advice ! How would I know if the axle ratio is different? Did they differ from 1502/1602/2002? Or did they different depending on stock wheel size? I was initially thinking about the option of possibly putting some markings on, but I am currently in the process of registering my car in France (It is a UK RHD car with MPH speed), and for the darned European homologation conformity, BMW must verify that I have the correct head-lights (those are simpl enough to change), and I need a KPM speedo. BMW no longer sells speedometers in France... So I am looking into buying one, but people in France like to sell them for crazy prices... *sigh*
  11. Maybe I would be better off with just a single DCOE 38 or 40? as opposed to dual?
  12. Thanks for those - let me get back to you for that !
  13. Do you happen to have any photos? I haven't got any clue as to the price, and I will also require shipping to France...
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