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  1. I want to order one of your adjustable alternator brackets. I have a 1973 basic 2002. Advise me on the ordering process.  Thanks,  Gregg

  2. Thank you for the offer of your headlight wiring  description. Yes you can email it to me at: [email protected]

  3. I know that a 73 BMW 2002 did not come with factory A/C. I am installing an A/C in my car that has an opening 13" x 15" to mount the condenser. Do you have a condenser with passenger side fittings that will fit? Is there a preference in coil flow pattern, parallel or otherwise?  thanks,

    1. BLUNT


      Morning   Sorry I didnt see this   Your best bet is [email protected] for instant responses. I dont have this forum tied to my phone. You want a parallel flow for sure    I have something for you    Shoot me your email address and Ill send you some pricing.   My guys dont have access to this account

    2. Whaledriver


      Thanks for the reply. My email address is [email protected]  The available space in front of the radiator appears to be Height 12 " x width 15" . Fitting connections will have to be on the passenger side. Thanks, Gregg

  4. Hi, I was referred to you by Blunt. I need an unblemished  replacement front left  Italian (half amber/half clear lens) turn signal fixture at a reasonable price. Is that something you can access?

  5. Interested in the package without the engine. How much if you still have it?

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