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  1. I also need just one. It has to be drivers side (Italian?), with one half of the lens being clear.
  2. I need 4 seat mount clips. Their purpose is to secure the seat to the base rail. They are located on each end of the slide rail mount and are needed to replace presently stripped or rusted items. I can't locate them on any of the parts inventories. See attachment.
  3. I purchased the Dtech unit months ago and am still in the process of completing the hose and electrical connections. If I was to do it again, my choice would be the Hurricane 2100 model with the side pipes rather than the unit Dtech provides, which are front pipes requiring drilling 4" hole in the firewall. With side pipe unit you can use the old BEHR hose routing.and eliminate the hassel of determining the large new hole location. Of course I would have to compare the dimensions of the Hurricane which, if larger, would not fit in a BmW 2002.
  4. It is an automatic which reduces the price. The paint job looks poorly done with all of the orange peel. No radio or heater . Too much to correct! Find another prospect
  5. Whaledriver


  6. Removed my interior BEHR A/C Heater combo. In the process of installing the Dtech unit. It comes in two pieces along with the actuating cables. I don't know if either works but I do know that the A/C fan works. It came with the car and I never used it because the previous owner had removed the exterior components i.e compressor, hoses, etc. The units weigh quite a bit. If you are willing to take a chance on restoring them, send me your email and I'll take photos to help you decide. Gregg
  7. For the asking price, the pics display a lot of surface rust but at least they are not rotted thru . Are the fronts in the same shape? If they are, would you accept $40 and I assume the shipping?
  8. How much for the four brake shield/lbacking plates?
  9. Could you be a little more descriptive on the hinge deficiency and the vicinity of the cup holder. Also Interested on the source of purchasing the armrest. Can it be installed without modification to the product?
  10. I have just started the installation of a Dteck AC. If you care to view the hole I have had to cut to fit the unit in place, go to the other AC install thread "Adding Air Conditioning" on this forum..
  11. How much for two door handle insert covers?
  12. I have seen others comment that the automatic has a larger trans tunnel hump. Just in case anyone out there is considering installing the AC unit from Dtech, it is a tight fit and the position measurements are important. I spent two days making cuts and moving the unit in and out trying to get it into the proper position. Specifics: The final right hand vertical cut (looking forward) is ¾” to the left of where the fuel line exist the interior. Remove the fuel line from its position and also reposition the engine bay side hydraulic lines, so you won’t accidently cut into them. Make the upper horizontal cut right at the seam of the wall bend (be careful not to go any higher our you will intrude into the exterior cowl fresh air vent and allow rain water to invade). Measure 4” down from your upper horizontal cut to make the lower horizontal cut. To make this in and out trial fitting process easier, remove the units outlet tube assembly on top of the unit (2 screws), After all that cutting, you are going to have pound the transmission tunnel hump down about 1” or you won’t have enough vertical room to fit the unit before it hits the upper cowl as you position the tubes forward thru the hole. Also there is a ridge on the centerline of the tunnel that resists being lowered. I had to cut a line to the firewall at that point.There is plenty of room between the tunnel and the transmission. (see provided pictures). At present, I have only finished the positioning process. I am still a little concerned about the fitting of the console panels matching up symmetrically. You will have to make a cut in the trans hump for the drain tube which exits from the bottom of the unit. My firewall hole is more than adequate and I may have to patch the lower portion. More info as I progress.
  13. Have you removed the old heater assembly yet? If so, I would be interested on your take of the template vs measurements are.
  14. I am in the process of installing the Dtechparts A/C underdash unit for a 2002. I have removed the old Behr unit without too much of an issue. Accompanying instructions for 2002 installation, without exhibit pictures, leaves a lot of questions. Locating where to drill the 2.5 inch round firewall entry is critical and has to be precise. Trying to position the main unit for trial fit is space limited and can only be attempted if the right dash mounting bracket for the center console is cut off. The A/C unit is 9 inches tall but there is only 6 inches of vertical firewall space, between the trans hump and where the upper firewall has a horizontal bend leaning inward, to place it against? If it is located any higher to clear the trans hump, it looks like the fittings hole will protrude into the exterior vent cavity where the providedt blocking plate is mounted. I'll try to call Dtech for clarity but is there anyone on this website that has completed the install that can provide insight? Do I have to alter the trans hump in order to lower it for more vertical space? Where do you mount the install brackets? Do you make a cut/ grove in the Trans hump to make entry for the drain tube at the base of the unit? Until then, I am stalled. Thanks P.S. The provided template , if you place the bottom line at the hump, puts the required hole middle at the upper seam. This will put the hole up too high and into the outer vent cavity.
  15. Hi, I was referred to you by Blunt. I need an unblemished  replacement front left  Italian (half amber/half clear lens) turn signal fixture at a reasonable price. Is that something you can access?

  16. I need an unblemished replacement front left Italian (half amber/half clear lens) turn signal fixture at a reasonable price.
  17. That is a great price! Cost me more than that for just one seat (drivers) in Utah.
  18. Mark, Thanks for the offer but another member sent the same bundle to me and now all is working fine. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi, I think I have the switch an connector with 5” of leads that you were looking for in February. Let et me know if you are still in need. Mark
  19. Really like the look of your Rentop seats. The midsection perforated pattern simulates an original look that wouldn't clash with unmodified rear seats . You refer to a German seller. Is there a U.S. domestic source? If not, what was your source? Do they mount to the original tracks? Thanks,
  20. If the instrument panel chrome rings are pristine, I will take them along with the exhaust/trans bracket. Let me know your preferred payment method. Thanks,
  21. Harry, I received the accel rod. As it arrived without install instructions, my question is the position of the two copper washers. Viewing pics on this post I see two different placements: placement either side of the heims joint and the other with one of the washers adjacent to the nylon non slip securing nut. Which is it? Thanks,
  22. Thanks for the detailed wiring application. I question whether this will work on my 1973 2002 which has a dual filament bulb powered by two live wires going to the signal lights as opposed to the single live wire on older models. My fixture is grounded by the body of the light bulb holder. I'll have to study/digest the schematic further.
  23. Here is my catch can install. This small Moroso model allows the bottom half to easily unscrew for emptying. This location also allows a very short run from valve cover to catch can.
  24. I will take a carb rod if still available. Please send me the purchase details.

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