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  1. If still available, Will you accept $30 for the used spark plug set?
  2. Is this still available? If it is , is the price now negotiable?
  3. My 73 headlight switch developed a short and burned the wires emanating from the attached plug-in module. The wires melted from the module to a length of 12 inches. I need new clips unique to older BMW's to attach to the 14-16 gage replacement wires. BMW dealer no longer carries these very tiny clips. Local electronic supply houses can match the size but not the unique female interior and exterior design..
  4. The first pic is the original console. This second pic is my present alteration, which will be revised after I install my new electronic AC . Car has a disconnected Behr AC. The Behr takes up a lot of space behind the faceboard. I repositioned the Hazard light switch to the blank space below and left of the steering wheel, which I believe on some cars was for the manual choke.. The AC control knobs will be eliminated as the new AC comes with an electronic control panel to replace the old sliding control panel to the right of the steering wheel. The three gage's rear protrusion barely fit in the present position, as does the lower mounted modern Bluetooth Panasonic radio. Hopefully the new install and elimination of the AC control knobs will provide more room for revision below the AC vents. I think I'll continue with the with the carbon fiber look on the revised face panel..
  5. What additional items would one need to make the conversion from a 73 4 speed other than replacing the shift platform? I recognize that the driveshaft would have to be altered, Noticed that the clutch cylinder is not installed. Is that included?
  6. Henning, I am not sure which addressee this last entry was directed but my 73 stalk is on the right
  7. I would like a complete set. Send me the purchase details to: [email protected] Thanks,
  8. Are these wheels still for sale as of 2/5/2018? Was your car lowered causing the front fit problem or would standard height still be a problem?
  9. I see that the spokes are painted but I can't tell from the pictures whether the rims bases are polished. Are there any blemishes on the outside of the other rims? Could you post pictures of the faces of the other rims? Do you have an estimate on shipping to SLC, Utah?
  10. Interested but I am surprised that a 15" with an et of 20 won't fit? Is it because they are 7" wide or is your car lowered?
  11. Mach, I appreciate the offer. Yes, I've got several projects to complete, so when you are done, I would welcome the 73 harness and of course I would pay the postage. Thanks
  12. Search results reveal a dilemma. One source will only sell a complete used harness for a 2002 (Vin2591168) 72/73 priced at $1000. The other source might be able to provide just the front harness but price is presently ? It looks like, if I want to be able to drive my baby any time soon, I might have to make my own harness that is specific to the headlight/turn signal circuit and isolated/separate from the original wrapped wire assembly. I want to match the wire color code, so another task is to find a source for color coded wires.
  13. To both of you, Thanks for the clarification. I'll remember to take photos from now on during disassembly. Gregg
  14. I made the mistake of not photographing the back of my dash instrument panel when removing it, now I can't remember which post I am supposed to attach two remaining wires that go to the tach. One is a green one already attached, comes from the black vinyl harness and the other that looks black that comes from the interior and not shown in the picture (could be power source from tack?) I am sure that the already attached brown wire goes to the power symbol post. My manual shows only a normally installed clock wire in that position.
  15. Steve, Thanks for the direction. I'll do a search on your suggestion. I had a turn signal light short that fried out the line all the way from the right turn signal to the dash headlight switch. It caused cabin smoke which I thought should have been prevented by the related fuse!
  16. I have done a search on this forum without results in trying to find an electric wire harness for my 73 basic 2002 coupe. Can anyone on this forum guide me to a source or is NLA and I have to make my own? I wonder if the light switch is damaged also? some of the wires seemed burnt or exterior melt only from tight proximity.
  17. Yes. Send me your email address and I will send you payment. Thanks
  18. If the picture shows reasonable condition, I'll buy it.
  19. conkitchen 487 Trader Feedback 1 0 0 Total Rating 100% Report post January 13 I got's what you need, sending you a PM. I also need a bracket for a manual trans. If you still have one, let me know how much.
  20. Need the bracket that is attached to the manual transmission to support the exhaust pipe. Prefer one that is not bent or rusty.
  21. Need a driver's side Euro combo lens turn light assembly. It has to have excellent non corroded chrome, decent gasket, functioning bulb bracket and a crack free combo amber & white lens.
  22. Snowing outside, so I just meticulously cleaned out and polished the chrome sunroof track and white vinyl edge. Also ran a long rod down both front rain tubes to insure they were not blocked.
  23. Have you considered making a wood handbrake handle to replace the original rubber sleeve with the same variety of your gear shift knobs?

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