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  1. This is my interpretation of battery relocation and engine compartment location of isolation switch which also provides access for jump starting.
  2. This is a Ditec A/C conversion. I am almost finished with only solving the electrical attachment and charging the system. The center console was a bear to accommodate the Ditec unit. I modified the face panel to accept different air outlets, a hideaway cup holder and Pioneer unit with voice control. Had to make sure that the foldaway cup holder did not interfere with shifting.
  3. Anthony, I am preparing to install the new hood pads that you provided. There weren't any directions in the box, so I have a couple of questions prior to installing. 1. Which side should face the metal, pebbled or smooth surface? 2. They are labeled A,B,C. on the smooth side. Does "A" start on the left (US driver's) side? 3. Did you have to trim the mat around the hood release bar? 4. What kind of glue did you recommend? Thanks,
  4. I am in SLC and considering a similar install. Did you make the conversion yourself or have it done professionally? If it was contracted out, could you share the name of the garage? Thanks,
  5. All of your examples appear in black. Do you have the capability of upholstering in a 70's style pattern in a BMW brown or caramel ?
  6. I have a 73 with the long side bumper extensions that conform to the rear body indentation. I like the tucked-in look. Will the length of your replacement tips, after mounting with your altered bumper brackets, still match the indentations?
  7. I have the passenger side turn signal module and need the driver's side Italian Euro dual color lens (amber /clear) and unpitted frame with decent gasket to match.
  8. I'll take the revised hood pads. Send me your email address for payment & amount . thanks
  9. They came with the aftermarket A/C unit package. They were designed to fit this particular unit but didn't fit perfectly, so I altered them quite a bit on the drivers side. If I had to do it all over again I would just do the cardboard templet routine to get the right shape, then cut out some matching plywood and then take it down to an upholstery shop for whatever material you want for a covering. I like the double French stitching on leather or vinyl. It would also be a cheaper route.
  10. Son of Marty, Is this the elbow you are referring to? Is it a no modification bolt on fit?
  11. The dash panel engine temp gage appears to be sourced from a probe at the junction of the radiator hoses near the fuel pump. To complete the installation of my A/C, I have installed an electric condenser fan and controller which needs a temp source. Instead of pulling my radiator and having a shop provide a bung to install an additional sensor, would it be efficient to just replace the original single spade probe with a double spade probe and make the controller wire connection there? Would doing this affect my panel temp gage accuracy?
  12. Since I installed an aftermarket A/C, I decided a different look for the vent outlooks and added a single coffee holder. Still have to complete the wiring and finish the console attachment.
  13. I thought I had sent a " yes" awhile back but never had a response. Please include me in the purchase list and send an address for payment. Thanks
  14. What model trasmissions are in the photo? If 245, How much?
  15. Here is mine. A two piece model with spigot drain and internal screen from Moroso mounted on the firewall.
  16. My offer for the clean 5 speed still stands but I am leaving and will be out of the country until 9/19. I sent you a PM, so let me know if you decide to accept. Thanks
  17. I am a little confused about the 5 speed for sale.. In one add you ask $800 for a dirty looking one and in another ad $1000 for a shiny clean one! Are these two different transmissions?
  18. I would like to be on the list. I am forwarding payment today via paypal. Gregg
  19. I decided to move my hazard switch to the left side of the steering wheel, in the space where some cars have a manual choke. The cable has plenty of length to accommodate this transition without modification.

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