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  1. Ditto on a complete pedal box if the price is right.
  2. I don't know what BMP stands for but I will take them. Just let me know how you want to be paid. whale
  3. Here is an example of a slender aluminum overflow tank placement just to the left of the radiator.
  4. To all that offered, I was able to buy one in excellent condition. Thanks for responding.
  5. Yes, It is a Hurricane IP 3000 electronically controlled front fitting unit. After the installation difficulty and considering future fitting access, I would recommend selecting the IP 2000 unit with its side fittings which could use original firewall entries. Old Air Products is one of the purchase sources.
  6. I believe this is the divider that you need: PN 11531256642
  7. Purchased my 73 that originally had a BEHR installed. The previous owner had removed the compressor and condenser along with its engine compartment hoses. Living in SLC, summers can get quite hot, so I bought a electronic controlled DITEC unit and outsourced hoses, condenser, Spal fan, Hobie Dave bracket & Sanden rotary compressor. Removing the original BEHR unit and installing the DITEC was not an easy task. Took a lot of pounding on the trans tunnel to make the base portion fit, not to mention the firewall alignment issue for the heat & Freon fittings exit. If I had known that the unit also came with a side fitting exit rather than my forward exit, that would have been my choice, as I could have used the original hose paths and eliminated additional firewall holes. My system is now installed with the remaining task of figuring out the wiring, as the supplied instructions for a 2002 install were vague & minimal. I still have the original BEHR unit and control cables that I am willing to donate locally (too lazy to ship). Purchase my 73 that originally had a BEHR installed.docx
  8. Do you have this style water divider with two threaded temp sensor ports and the heater stub pointed to the rear (photo attached) ? If you do, how much? Thanks,
  9. I don't think a 39 offset will work on a 2002.
  10. Kidasters, Still standing by for a reply to my offer.
  11. The one on the left is what I am looking for but the corrosion appears pretty bad. I am willing to try to sand and buff it if your willing to accept $20 + postage for it.
  12. I have a 73 2002. I need to convert my engine bay passenger side relay mount from a 1 slot capacity to a 3 or 4 holder mount. I believe the item from a later model is # 41 14 1 852 111. Do you have one and how much? Thanks
  13. My error. Since obtaining my 73 2002 , I haven't been exposed to rain, so until now I haven't used the stalk. Now I realize that the right stalk is associated with the windshield wiper system. Still working on the solution to my lack of power situation.
  14. Yes, Sherman said he had two but has not replied to my price and picture question.
  15. Here is the website: https://www.bmwcca.org/chapter/wasatch-chapter Hope you can join and add to the 2002's Gregg
  16. Betsy, Have you joined Salt Lake City's local Wasatch BMW club? I am a member but there is a scarcity of 2002's at the regular events. Would love to see others to compare issues and tips. Mine is a 73.
  17. I had the same issue on one side when I did the conversion. Discovered it was the bulb socket contacts had a weak return spring allowing one of the two contact wires protrude and short circuit at the base of the bulbs two contact points. Make sure you have an inline fuse on each turn signal circuit.
  18. Still waiting for an answer for the left & right door handle insert price. Thanks,
  19. Mike, Thanks for the info. My 2002 is a 1973 but doesn[t have wiper control on the turn signal stalk. Yes, I would appreciate your notes on trouble shooting the switches. Gregg MBamboatcomcast.net
  20. I have searched the subject this forums web without results. With the ignition turned on, my windshield wiper would run constantly without actuating the push pull knob on the switch. After removing the dash panel to gain access to the switch, I discovered it had been improperly wired. After aligning the switch embossed contact numbers to match the wiring diagram, it worked for two swipes and then quit altogether. I checked the incoming wires and they were without power! Checking the fuse panel #12 & 11 fuses, the were ok and had power. Somewhere between the fuse panel and switch, I have lost power. Anyone have a clue as to where I should check?
  21. Do you have a two speed wiper speed control switch that will work on a 1973 2002? If you do how much are you asking?. Thanks,
  22. Ryan, I already have the passenger side Italian unit. I need the driver's side to complete my modification. In your ordering of batches can you provide just one (driver side) for me? I prefer not to have to pay for a complete set. Thanks
  23. Yes, it was a short crack that has since been welded.
  24. I have installed an A/C and need an additional sensor for my added radiator fan. This manifold seems to be the simplest alteration. Will accept used or new for a reasonable price.

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