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  1. The previous submission was a computer glitch that I couldn't fined a way to edit or eliminate. Sorry.
  2. Anyone possessing a one driver's side Italian side lense, for a reasonable price, I would be in the market as I already have the passenger unit.
  3. Thanks, my mind is at ease as I wasn't sure how this resistor functioned.
  4. Installed new custom pedals. Took 2 hours because the clutch and brake pedal metal was extremely hard to drill through. Came without instructions but the manufacturer's website had an excellent installation video to refer to .
  5. I was tracing my wiring and discovered that my present wiring hook up to the coil primary resistor doesn't reflect what the manual depicts. My car runs fine but my wiring position #1 is green & red and position #2 is just green. .This is opposed to the attached manual description which is just the opposite? Does it make any difference which way the wiring is attached to the resistor? My green & red goes from the resistor #1 position to the coil terminal #15.
  6. I am going to Oakland in October. What specific area of North
  7. I want to order one of your adjustable alternator brackets. I have a 1973 basic 2002. Advise me on the ordering process.  Thanks,  Gregg

  8. Where did you buy that attractive wood handbrake handle?
  9. Never received an update on considered 2018 production of a parking brake handle. Did you ever start making them? I would interested in purchasing that and a shift knob that would match the stain color of my Nardi steering wheel.. Thanks,
  10. Once you remove the original voltage regulator, do you need to alter or add to the wiring of the new internally regulated alternator?
  11. I counted three chips with the borescope and when I blew it out, three chips came flying out. There wasn't much room to insert a plug without the possibility of shoving the chips in the hole. .Is there any disadvantage of using resistor plug?
  12. With regard to the turn signal bulb, the suggested P25-2 21/5W with offset securing pins was the right one. Previously the left turn signal was hardly noticeable when selected due to PO installing an incorrect model bulb. Now it is nice and bright.
  13. This forum is great for finding solutions to weird issues. I went down to Harbor Freight and bought a cheap borescope which highlighted the fact that I indeed had bakelight chips wedged deep beside the sparkplug preventing inserting a deep socket to fit on the sparkplug. I was able with some effort move the wedges around enough with a pick to finally get the socket to take hold of the sparkplug and remove it. I then used high pressure air to blow the broken chips out. The recommendation to use a 13/16ths deep socket was accurate as I verified the fit by trying it on one of the unobstructed sparkplugs. I assume the cause of a broken bakelight fitting was a bent sparkplug tip which the previous owner had tried to force the fitting on. Now all I have to do is replace the one NGK R BPR 5ES sparkplug. Thanks to all who responded.
  14. I agree that it extremely difficult to see down the plug pocket. My particular plug position has a broken ceramic plug contact. I'll borrow a bore scope to determine if maybe there is part of a chip lodged next to the plug preventing full insertion.
  15. I for the first time tried to remove the spark plugs on my 1973 2002. I tried numerous deep sockets from my tool set of both standard and metric but none would reach the plug without binding against the socket well! Do I need a thin wall deep socket and what size? Also when I went to buy a replacement blub for my left front turn signal, the parts salesman, after checking his catalog, issued me a blub with only one base contact, when I can only assume since it must work as a parking light and a blinker it should have two base contacts. What is the proper bulb number and are install slots staggered or same level;?
  16. I am a happy man now! Mike's comment that the four small ground wires attached to the bolt holding the voltage regulator may have been the cause of smoke and not the regulator itself, was a good analysis of a poor ground source. Those small wires were not capable of handling the ground voltage required from the starter and as a result overheated. .Fortunately the wires did not melt. I discovered that the reason for the ground source shift was because the main ground strap from the chassis to the block had disconnected from the block and the disconnect was blocked from view by the intake manifold! Starter spun nicely and the car started right up!
  17. Finally finished most of my work on my2002 and proceeded to take it for a test drive. Every thing seemed OK until I stopped for an errand. When I attempted to start the car, the starter labored to turn the engine over but it finally caught and I drove right home. Once in my garage with the hood up, I tried to start it but the engine would barely turn over and I noticed smoke coming from the voltage regulator. I immediately hit my battery isolator and the smoking stopped. My trunk positioned battery has a full charge and previous starts before have been normal. Any ideas on what my problem is? .
  18. I am still trying to finalize my headlight booster connection issue (open document) I am having difficulty determining the proper wiring connection to the headlight booster kit that I purchased. All of the wiring is laid out but the final connection to the harness from the original harness poses a question mark. The new kit has the final lead that should attached to the original driver's side headlight socket of 3 wires colored Red, Blue & Black as does the new headlight plug in (see below picture). Not only do the plug colors not match but they do not correspond to the slot positions! (see below sketch) Is the position of the wires on the new headlight plug an issue or will it cause a short circuit?Should I ground this blue ringed wirer? note the blue vs white wire connection!Should I ground this blue ringed wire or switch it with the adjacent black wire? wiring question to 2002 FAQ.docx
  19. Thank you for the offer of your headlight wiring  description. Yes you can email it to me at: Mbambo@comcast.net.

  20. Sidney TII, The theory behind the headlight boost kit is that it: a. using relays it bypasses the weak panel headlight switch circuit. b. illumination power is now sourced directly from the battery with larger gage wires. c. headlights should provide an increase in brightness. I'll research my long ago purchase resource and provide pics when the install is complete.
  21. I recently purchased a BMW headlight boost kit that came with a confusing a color coded wiring diagram . I guess the manufacturer assumed that it was just a simple plug & play. So far, I have laid out the kits wiring harness but the kit apparently discards the turn signal circuit. As a result, I have retained and connected the original turn signal wiring hoping that it will still work separately from the boost kit. Adding to the wiring confusion is that the kit uses black wire for the ground circuit, blue wire for the "high" beam and red for the "low" beam. In addition, the headlight plug wire positions do not match the original. The original driver's side plug looking from the rear has the brown ground wire in the 9 o'clock insert, the black/yellow in the 12 o'clock insert and the white in the 3 o'clock insert. The new boost kit has both right and left replacement plugs wired with Blue at 9, ground black at 12 and red at 3. I am curious if the original plug brown ground was at 9 and the new kit plug black ground is at 12, will I be short circuiting something or is the position of the old or new plug wires not important as it pertains to the light bulb? Also, the is a short extension coming from the interconnected dual relays with a male insert plug with blue, black and red wires. I don't know what it is suppose to attach to. If anyone has installed this boost kit, I would appreciate some guidance to complete the install. Thanks,
  22. I am a little confused with your advertised asking price of $250 when the developer website sells it for $200? Can you explain the difference?
  23. Has anyone considered an alternative installation of a universal (Gear Vendors) electric overdrive unit vs a 245 five speed for their 2002?

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