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  1. Whaledriver

    Misc parts

    interested in a couple of your under dash panels. Do they have any scratches and what is the per piece pricing?
  2. I purchased and installed one with a light. It works like a charm and you never have to use a trunk key again. Just run a wire from the unit to a spot under the dash for the switch, wire the switch to a fused always hot lead and you are in business. You can still leave the trunk closed and unlocked for repeated access or just electrically lock it with the switch. If you have a dead battery, you can still use the key to open. A novice can install it.
  3. Decon works well but the rodents eat it and retire to their secluded wall space and die, leaving a inaccessible stench. With my previous collectible I had a blowup transparent enclosure that not only kept rodents out but kept it dust free. One for an average size car is around $400.
  4. I am not interested in a square light with protruding bumpers but for someone that isn't picky, a range between $19-22K seems reasonable. A "quality" bare metal re-paint job these days will run between $5-8K.
  5. Let me know your preferred payment address and I'll submit payment. Mine is: MBambo at comcast.net
  6. I only need one connector to replace my broken one but would you be willing to accept $20 for the three that you have on hand?
  7. I can't tell from the bagged photo if the section of the spark plug wires that connect to the spark plug are the hard composite style? I need the extended composite.
  8. If you had chosen a "roundie" with sunroof for all of your upgrades it would be an easy sale at the asking price.
  9. I have a heated garage but I keep a car cover on when I am not working on it to keep the dust off. Any pros or cons about raising the car with the suspension extended during extended storage?
  10. I had posted an update last year on this thread. I can add to my remarks, that even though DTEC claims to be a smaller unit, it still required pounding down on the trans tunnel to provide additional space. I have now completed the entire install: compressor, condenser, dryer, line fittings, electric fan and switch placements. I have not charged the system because you have to complete the wiring prior. Due to the provided poor electrical diagram, have still to complete the final power supply wiring. In the meantime, I could have spent time on the phone with DTEC for clarification but I had other 2002 projects get in the way.
  11. I had a 544 just prior to my purchase of my 2002 BMW. They are built like a tank with thick Swedish steel (you can sit on the hood or roof). The only negatives I can recall are that the carbs sit just above the exhaust manifold and next to the oil pressure sensor (fire hazard). Your car also shows a typical sprung left rear hatch. Is that the original paint? 544 pics.zip
  12. The previous submission was a computer glitch that I couldn't fined a way to edit or eliminate. Sorry.
  13. Anyone possessing a one driver's side Italian side lense, for a reasonable price, I would be in the market as I already have the passenger unit.
  14. Thanks, my mind is at ease as I wasn't sure how this resistor functioned.

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