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  1. I’ve fitted and used this gearbox casing with the welded tab for about 5 years before the gearset was replaced with a Getrag Motorsport item during its rebuild last year. The gearbox fitted without any issues to the car and it’s a common issue with the tabs snapping.
  2. Range of custom ratio 265/5 gearboxes available. These units have recently undergone a fresh and complete rebuild with the addition of a Getrag Motorsport custom ratio gear set, similar to the ratios used in the Group A / DTM 5-speed H pattern gearboxes. All worn parts replaced, including new bearings/synchros/seals/gaskets etc. These gearboxes haven't been used since the rebuild. Gearbox casings have been bead blasted to its original factory finish. Bell housings are also avalaible separately if required. Custom ratios are: 1st: 2.85 2nd: 1.90 3rd: 1.42 4th: 1.14 5th: 1.00 Standard 265/5 gear ratios for comparison: 1st: 3.717 2nd: 2.403 3rd: 1.766 4th: 1.263 5th: 1.000 UK collection and worldwide shipping available upon request. Price is £5750 each. PM me if you have any questions.
  3. Thread update - still have one more rebuilt 235/5 available. PM if interested
  4. Thread update - I have one more available and a fully rebuilt custom ratio 265/5 which is similar to the Group A M3 Gearboxes. PM if interested
  5. I think you mean 5 speed dogleg batman? Glad you like it 👍🏼
  6. I currently have for sale a fully rebuilt 245/10 (M10) close ratio Dogleg Gearbox. All worn parts have been replaced, including seals/gaskets/synchros/races/bearings. This Gearbox hasn’t been used since its rebuild, so it's in brand new condition (see attached pictures below). Gearbox comes complete with it’s rebuild receipt as proof of what's been carried out/replaced.  I'm looking for offers of around £3850. Collection available from London UK. Worldwide shipping available if required.
  7. Thread update - I have some newly rebuilt 265/5 gearboxes available. PM if interested...
  8. Thread update - I have one more rebuilt 235/5 available. PM if interested...
  9. All PM's now replied to. I may have another rebuilt 235/5 next month, so potentially 2x 235/5 gearboxes are available now.
  10. Just to update this thread. Two gearboxes have now been sold with the last 235/5 unit still available for sale.
  11. This gearbox is now sold. I have another two units coming next week. Fully rebuilt and available with rebuild invoices.
  12. No this was sold last year. All I have left are Rebuilt 265/5 units.
  13. Hello - I've just sent you a PM. Many thanks.
  14. This gearbox is a 265/5 which is originally from an E30 M3 which has a detachable bell housing. The 235 from the Jensen or Vauxhall/Opel Chevette also comes with a detachable bell housing.
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