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  1. Chitty

    Getrag 245 5 speed and tii brake booster

    I still have interest in the brake booster. text me 720-670-7169
  2. Hello Colorado 2002 owners - In about the middle of my 2002 restoration and I find myself at a crossroads of sorts... The new BBS rims I plan to use do not appear to be in stock and are not going to be available until late December. The new Ireland "big brake kit" I plan to use will not fit inside any of the 13" wheels I own. I'm currently stuck with a car that roles on 13" wheels and has no brakes - which works out OK inside my garage. But soon I may need an operating vehicle in order to complete mechanical work. (commissioning motor and dyno tuning) Does anyone here have an extra 15" wheel set(4) for the 2002 sitting around that I could borrow or rent for several months? Tire condition almost does not matter - however rear wheels may need to safely spin on a stationary dyno. I guarantee no road miles - I can trailer car. It may allow me to mount brakes and wheels and move forward sooner. If not - I just wait a bit longer which isn't that bad either considering the onset of winter. This seems like a strange request but I trust everyone here understands. Thanks for your consideration Wayne 720-670-7169
  3. Chitty

    Getrag 245 5 speed and tii brake booster

    I want the booster How much?
  4. Chitty

    MIM Alpine 7x15 et25

    Sorry for a trip down a different rabbit hole, but... What headlights are those? Are they LED's? Does primary light still have high and low beam? Do you like? thanks
  5. Chitty

    2002 parts hoard in Maryland

    Looking for following: tii brake booster L/R sunvisors L/R B-pillar inside hand hold strap with hardware
  6. Need L/R sun visors Need L/R b-pillar inside hand hold straps & hardware tii brake booster
  7. I need a crankshaft - Never turned - Used but factory specs.
  8. Chitty

    Body shop dolly

    Hi Martin - I'm in Denver with a trailer and am able to pick up within a reasonable distance. Funny about this - just today someone at work suggested a non-conventional dolly and I may have my solution right here. Let me know where you are and what you have and I will consider it. Thanks ps - sorry if this is duplicate response I'm still figuring this web page out...
  9. Chitty

    Body shop dolly

    WTB or rent a wheeled dolly to mount a 2002 on.
  10. Chitty

    121ti heads, E12 head

    I'm in Colorado where is this head located? No cracks right? Can you send me pictures? Is it a complete assembly with cam, springs, valves etc...? Couple of weeks is fine with me
  11. Chitty

    121ti heads, E12 head

    This is November of '17 and if the 1.8i head is available i may be interested? I can't see that it sold although it was advertised some time ago? Please advise Thanks for your time
  12. Chitty

    Salt & Pepper Esty Carpet Kit (Roundie)

    Etsy carpet still available?
  13. Chitty

    Parts for sale

    Hello there - Feel like I'm a little late to respond to you offer... I have interest in the following - if still available: Complete chrome trim set Rear view mirror Momo Black shift knob Recaro fabric (is this enough for rear bench seat in 2002?) Thanks
  14. Chitty

    72-73 2002 parts

    I need: Rear view mirror Both sun visors and clips turn signal indicator Let me know if you have, what condition is and price.
  15. Hello there - I have a 1972 and need front grills. Do I need "shallow" or "deep" Depending on answer - I may e interested thanks