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  1. Yes, he did say western Connecticut. Connecticut borders New York for the entire length of its western border. White Plains is very close to the Connecticut border. I lived there most of my life and used Domenick’s for everything mechanical. I still use them even though I now live in North Carolina. Yes, they are that good.
  2. Domenick's in White Plains NY.
  3. j2002tii

    used Tii stuff (mostly)

    I will buy the nicer fuel pump. Thanks, Jeffrey
  4. j2002tii

    tii injection lines

    I will take them if 2k2tii does not want them.
  5. j2002tii

    Engine Bay Decals

    I am in for a 74tii.
  6. j2002tii

    Need opinions...'74 tii

    Looks like a great, unmolested car. Rust should be the primary concern. If it is as clean as it appears I would not hesitate to buy it for a fair price and because it is so unmolested I would pay a premium. These cars are becoming more rare by the minute, especially the '74s which have been like the red headed step child. They have been less desirable over the years so many became parts cars or junked because of restoration cost. If you like square tails, this looks like a great car. I am one of the minority that prefers the look of the square tail over the round tail, even with the large bumpers. To each their own. Far fewer square tails were made than round tails. They are probably more rare because of lower production numbers and lower desirability. That might change over time but all 2002's are cars that you will enjoy. That's the key.
  7. j2002tii

    Metal fuel filter

    Wix makes some really good filters. They have many varieties of high quality. I never had a problem with the plastic ones but I feel better with the metal ones for some reason.
  8. I have a 2002tii one and it is super. They would make fantastic Christmas tree ornaments too! Can you make the numerical ones with the ring at the top?
  9. j2002tii

    BMWCCA 2002 Tip Book

    PayPal sent. Thank you for doing this!
  10. j2002tii

    BMWCCA 2002 Tip Book

    I would be happy with one in any form. Thanks!
  11. j2002tii

    Tii Run On

    May I suggest running a can of 44K fuel additive through the engine? Usually works well cleaning up the fuel system and upper engine very well. Cleans the injection system, valves, combustion chamber, fuel pump, etc. and all sorts of gunk. Also, use only ethanol free fuel.
  12. j2002tii

    Bosch 0 231 151 008 Distributor

    Pm sent
  13. j2002tii

    new York compressor parts

    PM sent
  14. j2002tii

    Bavarian Klasse

    Ah yes, the chair. Thanks mate!! Many brave people sit in the chair. I will never stop fighting. Way too much work left to do on the 2002!!!