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  1. Thank you. I am looking for a real one just because of that.
  2. My first car was a ‘71 hand me down from my dad. That car was awesome but I too cut the holes.
  3. Oh I surely did. Very big amplifiers and lights, much to my parent’s dismay. I probably should have had a generator in the trunk! There was no way to listen to the Eagles and my other favorite bands at less that “900db” as my mother called it. I merely explained to her that I was “taking it to the limit”! At least I always used very large and pure wire. Not that it did much to help. I think the key to it was that I was always driving so fast that the alternator was putting out the full 35 amps.
  4. Thanks, I do have big lights but they are LED. Still I need all of the whopping 45 amps! I also run an Optima Yellow Top which helps. Don’t know how I did it back in the day with a regular battery, big lights, amplifiers and a/c. Somehow I got lucky and it worked. Ah, to be young again!
  5. I have the tools you describe. Outside of that, it does not appear to be a difficult operation. Thank you!
  6. I did not know that. Thank you. The regular 02 alternators are far more readily available and changing the front cover is something that even I can probably do. Are there any complications that I should be aware of? Thanks!
  7. Thank you but I have a crusty one that needs rebuilding. I have been trying to find someone who can rebuild mine but to no avail. I am hoping to find a functional one.
  8. What snow? There is no snow here! Thank you for looking when you have the opportunity. Stay warm!
  9. Does anyone have an original tii alternator for sale? Thanks, Jeffrey
  10. The definition of insurance fraud is a bit different than the FBI definition of fraud you cite. One example is that the benefit of a lower premium because one didn’t tell them about a modification. If an undisclosed modification was the cause of an accident or injury it would be a problem for the owner. If one is concerned, just speak with your insurance company. That is the most intelligent thing to do. Pretty simple.
  11. I am not an attorney but I was in the financial business with some pretty good knowledge of P&C insurance and worked with underwriters and agents. Yes, insurance varies by state and I am not an expert on the statutes or regulations of any state. That being said, having a modified car and not telling your insurance company would most likely be covered under fraud statutes. Hagerty asks the question about modifications right on the application form as does every insurance company that I am familiar with. Hagerty even has a separate category for modifieds, street rods, customs and replicas, etc. My advice to everyone is to always speak with your insurance company about your specific car if it is not stock in any way. They are the only people who may advise you correctly. There are minimum safety standards that must be adhered to so if you tell your insurance company what your car is and the modifications they can help you get it insured. What you do not want is for them to investigate after an accident and find that your car was not what you told them it was. That is where the fraud part comes in and that can be really bad. I would think that they would not be as concerned about you changing colors as they are about modifying structure, safety equipment, lighting, bumpers, engines, suspension and brakes, etc. None of this is meant to scare anyone but the right people to ask this question is your insurance company or a licensed agent. We live in a very litigious world. The purpose of having insurance is to manage the potential massive risk so do not do anything that changes that. Replacing your bumper after an accident might be the least of your worries. Also, make sure to read and understand your policy before you need it.
  12. Yes, he did say western Connecticut. Connecticut borders New York for the entire length of its western border. White Plains is very close to the Connecticut border. I lived there most of my life and used Domenick’s for everything mechanical. I still use them even though I now live in North Carolina. Yes, they are that good.
  13. I will buy the nicer fuel pump. Thanks, Jeffrey
  14. I will take them if 2k2tii does not want them.

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