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  1. Steve the first one has a 986... VIN, not 995..., so could it be a TiSA look-alike? Second one is said to be an 1800 Ti built up to race specs. Bill
  2. Thanks, all. Found a set locally. Bill
  3. Thanks much, but Terry found some right after I posted the request. Bill
  4. Need a re-buildable or better pair of rear Koni's. Part number is 80c-1582. Any leads will be appreciated. Bill
  5. We need a set of rear shocks for the TiSA. Terry tells me they should be Koni's, part number 80c-1582, and are common to ones in the early 1800's. Any reasonable ones would be appreciated as we are planning to have them rebuilt. The man making the front buckets is still evaluating vinyl samples, but remains hopeful. Really liked Rick's TiSA story in the last Roundel. We were able to get some of the smaller anodized trim pieces new from sources. The window frames and trunk moldings have been sent to Massachusetts http://tru-6.com/anodizing-2. That leaves the drip rail moldings in my garage. I'm deciding whether to tackle them on my own because their size might make shipping them a problem. Will update later.
  6. Looking for a source for some anodized pieces: 1. Drip rail moldings R and L 2. Trim piece for rear deck lid I have the originals but they are pretty rough. Regarding the seats being made in UK, Bryan tells me he is still looking for the correct red vinyl. Everything else is ready to go. Thanks. Bill
  7. Need some front brake calipers, so please check your stashes. Terry tells me they are ATE Dunlop single piston with external bridge pipe. Mine are pretty badly pitted and have some other problems, too. Thanks. Bill
  8. Bryan Purves ([email protected]) in the UK is building a run of TiSA bucket seats. He's had trouble sourcing the maroon/red vinyl but is very close to securing a source. Once the color, etc., has been finalized he's will have to buy a large amount of material, much more than he needs for the seats he's doing. I told him I'd put out the word to the NK forum in the event anyone might need some of this vinyl. Feel free to contact him directly with requests. Bill
  9. Thanks, guys, for the nice comments.
  10. It's a non-factory art car. https://www.charmcitylegal.com/dennis-simon/ I hope it sells for a lot so my wife will quit giving me the evil eye every time another restoration bill arrives.
  11. Looks like TiSA 995197 will be auctioned by Gooding Co. at Amelia Island on March 8. Event begins at 1100 and is viewable as a live stream. Gooding charges buyer's premium of 12% of the first $250k and 10% on remainder, so that will be added to hammer price. Not much info available from the auction company yet, but should see more in the next week or so. https://www.goodingco.com/vehicle/1965-bmw-1800-ti-sa/

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