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  1. Periodic update on #133: I've rehabilitated some of the cardboard and plastic trunk pieces. The anodizing is due to be shipped back from MA this coming week. Fingers crossed. The last and thus far most troublesome piece of this restoration process has been obtaining the unique front bucket seats. My car came with regular "comfort" seats--likely changed out early on since they have very early date marks, consistent with those on the back seat bench and the car's production date. I had been hoping to have some made in the UK, but progress there has been slow for a variety of reasons, none of which have to do with the professionalism of the craftsman working on the project. This problem has been remedied due to the extreme kindness of Peter Stillwell, aka Tisalover, who sent me two original seats from his stash. I am truly indebted to him and many other FAQ members who have been so helpful. Finally, I can begin to see a conclusion to this international effort. My set of comfort seats will be available once the buckets are installed. Bill
  2. 995134 looks pretty good. Hope someone can find the asking price. It's the next VIN after mine. Didn't have it on my list from an earlier post: 008, 013, 054, 060, 074, 103, 107, 108, 133, 146, 155, 176, 181, 182, 183, 184, 191, 193, 194, 197. Adding it will bring total number of VIN's I can find to 21. Anyone else know of some others? Bill
  3. Thanks, Tom. I was able to get one we had looking pretty good. It's not the one shown in "before" photos above, but this one appeared about the same. Shaun Budka at Tru6 in Massachusetts has reported that all the anodizing is done. It should be on the way soon. I'll post some photos if he sends them, otherwise will do so after it arrives at Terry's shop. Last step will be the front buckets. Hoping those will be done within the next few months. Bill
  4. I have four Lemmerz #1447 wheels, 1/66 date, 5.5x14 and one BMW wheel, 1/69 date 5x14. All seem to be straight but will need blasting and painting. I would like to sell them but need to figure out a reasonable asking price. Can anyone help with this? Thanks. Bill
  5. I've often wondered if Mr. Bovensiepen had a hand in the development of the TiSA, possibly as a factory advisor, before Alpina was a twinkle in his eye. Bill
  6. Progress slow but steady on the front buckets. I was sent a picture of two done in black vinyl for a Porsche customer of his. Word is that the first set of TiSA-specific seats will be made shortly. If I get some pictures of those I will post them. Right now the search is on for a radiator cap. Per Terry, these are dimensions:
  7. One more item--Bryan, the seat maker, has told me that he must buy a large volume of the red/maroon vinyl, so anyone interested in getting some for projects should send him an email with your request. [email protected] You can tell him you heard about it here. Bill
  8. @mojojoy, will check with Terry. Should know by early next week. Also waiting to hear his thoughts on Duggi's offerings. Thanks. Bill
  9. Not much progress through the summer because Terry was so busy with race support activities. Those are done, so he's hoping to have more time for the TiSA. Just about everything is ready to go back on the car except for the front bucket seats and a suitable radiator. Bryan Purves in England (making the seats) is confident of getting the correct red vinyl next month from a supplier in Germany. The seat frames are said to be all ready, and he has the black vinyl. He's promised me extra material to do the rest of the interior so it will all match. Some suspension parts are in photo attached. Still looking for a decent, period correct radiator. If anyone out there has a lead, please let me know, even if it's one that needs to be re-cored. Thanks. Bill
  10. Steve the first one has a 986... VIN, not 995..., so could it be a TiSA look-alike? Second one is said to be an 1800 Ti built up to race specs. Bill
  11. Thanks, all. Found a set locally. Bill
  12. Thanks much, but Terry found some right after I posted the request. Bill
  13. Need a re-buildable or better pair of rear Koni's. Part number is 80c-1582. Any leads will be appreciated. Bill
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