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  1. Thanks, all. Found a set locally. Bill
  2. Thanks much, but Terry found some right after I posted the request. Bill
  3. Need a re-buildable or better pair of rear Koni's. Part number is 80c-1582. Any leads will be appreciated. Bill
  4. We need a set of rear shocks for the TiSA. Terry tells me they should be Koni's, part number 80c-1582, and are common to ones in the early 1800's. Any reasonable ones would be appreciated as we are planning to have them rebuilt. The man making the front buckets is still evaluating vinyl samples, but remains hopeful. Really liked Rick's TiSA story in the last Roundel. We were able to get some of the smaller anodized trim pieces new from sources. The window frames and trunk moldings have been sent to Massachusetts http://tru-6.com/anodizing-2. That leaves the drip rail moldings in my garage. I'm deciding whether to tackle them on my own because their size might make shipping them a problem. Will update later.
  5. Looking for a source for some anodized pieces: 1. Drip rail moldings R and L 2. Trim piece for rear deck lid I have the originals but they are pretty rough. Regarding the seats being made in UK, Bryan tells me he is still looking for the correct red vinyl. Everything else is ready to go. Thanks. Bill
  6. Thanks. I have a locking cap but no key. Guess I'll see if a locksmith can help. Bill
  7. I'm interested in gas cap if it will work on my '71 CS. Do you know if it will? Thanks, Bill
  8. The dash pad is quite good, but has one crack to the left of the speaker grill. The dash itself is a plastic piece that has a couple cracks. I've seen the work done by Just Dashes on their website. Is that something Forrest would be doing?
  9. Ti/SA update: 1. Got the steering wheel back from Bruce Crawford (http://www.hardwoodclassicsltd.com/www.hardwoodclassicsltd.com/Welcome.html) and it looks great. He fixed the little "wows" in a couple of the spokes and refinished the wood. Pictures below. 2. Carpet set is on order from Esty Carpets (http://www.estycarpet.com/). It will be salt and pepper similar to what was in Byron Sanborn's 2002 Turbo, winner of a trophy at Pebble Beach last year. Some pictures are on her web site. My original carpets were physically intact for the most part but very dark in places in spite of cleaning efforts, and they smell strongly of mildew. I'll hang on to them, but a new set will be much better, easier on the nose and the eye. 3. It's looking like the one-size-up pistons from Bill Spornitz will fit, so we're set there. Will get new valves and springs. Crank is good but will get a slight grind. Cam looks fine, as does the oil pump. 4. Still looking for a good e-brake rubber boot--see picture in my 6 March post. Will appreciate anyone looking through their stuff for it. Alternatively, if anyone has recommendation on a way to make a repair, I'd like to hear about it. 5. Ditto on the front nose piece and R & L fenders. 6. I'd like to hear from anyone about recommendations for places to get anodizing on the outside window frames. That's about all for now. Thanks. Bill
  10. Bill Spornitz scored a parts car that he and Terry examined today. Some things will work, but I still need a nose piece and both front fenders. Rest of my sheet metal is in decent shape. Will appreciate any leads. Bill
  11. Peter, got a full set of the 6x14's, restored. Will get them the right color. Have fun at the Vintage and hope Uncle Barry makes it, too. Bill
  12. Does the left front door handle have a tumbler in it? Do you have an extra tumbler, so two total? Please let me know so I can decide. Thanks, Bill
  13. An update for the interested: 1. Terry was able the weld the broken tooth on the seat runner. Looks good as new. Wish it was as easy with my dentist. 2. Needed T-stat housing piece is the upper one that attaches to rad hose. Mine was beyond help. Anyone out there with an extra or a lead? 3. Picture #1 shows a date stamp (6 April 65) on the inside of one of the seat hinges. Car build date was 27 April. #133 apparently was delivered with the standard seats--? dealer switch. I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts on that point. Two buckets are being built by Gareth in UK--hoping they'll be done by the fall. 4. Picture #2 shows one of the 6x14 wheels which recently arrived from Germany. 5. No news yet on the engine rebuild as far as necessary bore size, etc. 6. Rebuilt CR 5 speed dogleg trans arrived from England. We're planning to shelve the one in the car. Bill
  14. Brandyn, turns out I probably need some good tumblers for the two front door handles. My restorer is interested in ones in good shape, especially with good faces (part that key goes into). Please let me know what you've still got available. Thanks, Bill

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