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  1. Wanted to thank you guys again. That was helpful info. I will post photos of the sidedraft when I get it done. This week I have to get back to my old IM Porsche - it's car show time of year...
  2. I was wondering what the distributor upgrade would be. On my old Porsche I went with a Magnaspark, which adjust the spark via springs and shims. Bluetooth sounds like a dream. Thanks Mark. Big Help! Another side drift off topic, but again connected to this Weber instal. With electric fuel pumps, I have used the Revolution relay, which is a relay that cuts the fuel pump off if in a accident. Anything like that in this world? Or do most simply use the rotary fuel pump without relay. (Maybe this should be a new post?)
  3. This thread brought up another question. My distributor does indeed have a vacuum (advance) hose that went to the carb. With this side draft rig, should I simply block off the vacuum line?
  4. Gotcha Mark. Thanks. I am rerouting the linkage and the orange plug is just temporary to keep the water from covering my garage floor. Good info on the "water neck" I need for a clean job. Mark, what is that canister you have where the wash fluid bottle was?
  5. Thanks Md02. Helpful. I will simply block off those water connections. I just found a photo online of the water bypass, and it appears that is exactly what the other person did. Preyupy - I am indeed doing the Top End Performance single side draft with the new intake manifold. But thanks for the info on the downdraft Weber I am taking off. I never would have figured that out. Even though I do not plan to use it today, you never know what will happen on the next car, and that is helpful info. I saw the water choke, but never would have figured out the electric solenoid. Not in any of my Weber books. Big help guys!
  6. I have a couple of basic questions that I can not find the answers to. I am hoping you guys can help. Photo with red arrows are the downdraft weber that came with the car. The upper arrow points to an electrical connection on the side of the carb. What is this for? Also the other photos - the little white arrows show water connections (one on left has a orange plug) . I have done the water bypass line. But these? Should I block them off or are they to be connected to themselves? And last - my car has an open vent on the valve cover. Via the forum I see lots of helpful info , but what I did not get is, does the vent simply open to a filter or breather box or does it reconnect to the engine block somewhere via a loop? I am an old Porsche guy and new to the 2002. I am learning as I go - and cleaning up the car along the way (you should have seen the engine compartment when I started...). This forum has been a big help. Thank you gentlemen.
  7. I also love British cars and have had a few of those in your collection over the years. And, like you, I moved over to Porsches , and now am learning about the e10... Like minds. I love the look of your shop. Nicely laid out, beautiful cars... Good job.
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