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  1. What a crazy ad 🤦‍♂️
  2. Thanks Harry, Mine actually looks like this: http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=2553-EUR-11-1969-114-BMW-2002&diagId=35_0204 part number: 35414440176 But either way, you'd need one to work from to create it I guess. Thanks!
  3. Congratulations! May she bring you years of enjoyment!! damn I love these cars.
  4. It still blows my mind that there isn’t a definitive part number or inscription that tells you what gearbox it is let alone wether it’s a 4 or 5 speed?! How difficult is it to cast/scribe a 4 or 5? Or even the gear pattern. Then I thought, maybe it’s my sh$$ty photos, so I took some more, as most of you said, most likely an e30 (5speed) but not the correct (bolt pattern) early one either.... Likely hood of finding a cost effective 245 is slim, will probably be in the hunt for the easier to find, cheaper 240 and sacrifice a speedo.
  5. Ok, so further reading of that article, chargin gives the pros to using a 240 as being a lot cheaper than a 245 also in that comment, he show his build where the guibo flange is also 3 bolt. (Mines clearly not a 245) Because of the number 240.0.0370.90 on the outside of my bell housing does the 240 mean it’s a 240? Does this mean it’s a 5 speed? thanks!
  6. Thanks for the quick response Mark and Mike, @Mark92131 thanks for that link, mine seems to look like the Getrag 240 (second one) in the article. @mike it was given to me with my project car, motor in pieces in box and the transmission as you see it, so I have no idea if anything is wrong with it or if anything is right with it. If there is a possibility of adding the speedo gear I will definitely try that I will look to get a clearer shot of where you mentioned. I own a ‘71 1600. It’s my daily driver and since I’m building this project car (my wife bought me) I thought a five speed upgrade would be a good option. The PO told me it’s a five speed but I can’t take his word for it. Is there a definitive way of identifying a 5 speed? Is it only by the guibo flange?
  7. Hi all, Can anyone shed some light on my transmission please? I have multiple part numbers on it and would like to know if I should be shopping for a new one or if mine would be usable (if in working order) I have found the following numbers in the unit and try to describe where they appear: 240.0.0370.90 (side of bell housing) 3.1 (inside bell housing) 225 (inside bell housing) 270067 BMO (rim of bell housing) 240.0.0366.91 (prop shaft side) 225 (prop shaft side) 3.2 (prop shaft side) For my new build I would like the 5 speed upgrade. Would this be ok? I can’t seem to find anything that looks like a mechanical speedo so what would my options be for the speedo/odo? Thanks for any help you can provide. Roark
  8. Roark

    Rocker Trim

    I'll be second in line if not taken :)
  9. Hi Sebastian pm sent Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I’m keen on this please. Pm sent thanks!
  11. Hi! What size is the clutch?
  12. The front right waist trim piece you sent me photos of please.
  13. Hi Harry, Sent a PM to you last week. What is your email please?

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