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  1. Are you working with a stock down pipe or a header? Do you have the exhaust transmission support? My car has had a header since the 70’s and it has leaked for years. Recently I noticed that the header flange has a flat surface while the resonator has a flared concave face. The donut seals well on the resonator side but not the flat header face. I found at some point I had acquired a hybrid gasket that was flat on one side and convex on the other. So far it seems to have done the trick. I also did not have the transmission exhaust support which I think was abandoned when the header was installed. Installing it seems to have helped stop the flex at this joint.
  2. Bravo Steve! Site performance has improved tremendously today. Thanks
  3. Early BMW 3 spoke 425mm steering wheel with horn buttons on the spokes. Chrome horn buttons so not original to an 02 but period correct BMW wheel for our cars. Some cracks where spoke ends meet the hub and rim but overall very sound. $80+ shipping. Check this link for information on early wheel options Thanks
  4. Rear License Plate Mount. No lights or wring. I think 74' on. Not right for my 71' roundie. Some damage to one plate mounting hole - capture nut missing. $20 + shipping
  5. Lower steering cover 11085811. Plastic 72' manuf. date. Hole on left side for manual choke. $15 + shipping.
  6. Mr. Gasket #12S Universal Electric Fuel Pump with Mr. Gasket 1-5# pressure regulator. Used less than 10 hours while while working on hard starting issues. $30 + shipping.
  7. Weber 32/36 DGAV (water choke) with correct intake manifold and Air Cleaner. Carb has working electric fuel shutoff/anti-dieseling solenoid. Carb will likely need a cleanup and rebuild. $80 + shipping.
  8. Weber 32/36 DGV (manual choke). Removed from running car many years ago so probably needs a rebuild. $40 + shipping.
  9. Any updates on the response rate issues? I could really use the extra time back that I’m spending waiting on the page to fully load to do - well, work. Congratulations on the new baby. You’re all set for personal tech support in about 12 years.
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