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  1. I went back and looked at the casting date on my block and it does in fact say 1J76.
  2. According to the Haynes manual it is a transmission support bracket but I have not been able to find much information about it and whether or not it is very necessary. It sounds like it was probably on early blocks and then they removed them maybe in 1974 and up perhaps? Anyways my block casting looks like this, not sure the date on it.
  3. There is a chance my block is actually from an e21. It was my understanding that it was from a 2002 but if thats the case you may be correct.
  4. The engine blocks vin has been ground off so I can not say whether its a tii or a base engine block. This engine I got is actually somewhat a combination of parts including high compression pistons and a 1984 head from a later model m10. The build of my engine from what i read only works this way using an early (2002) block with a late model head (e21).
  5. So as I was putting together my engine I noticed that the place where this transmission support bracket goes has no holes drilled in the block. The engine block i'm using is a 1974 as opposed to my original 1973 car which I pulled the bracket off from. I could not find any information anywhere regarding this problem so I thought id come to the forum. Seems weird the engine block I have would not have those holes.
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  7. I am starting this blog late into the project but I hope you enjoy! In December of 2016, a little over a year and a half ago now I bought my first BMW. It is a 1973 2002 base model which is a good starting project in my opinion. My whole goal was to get a 2002 that I can tinker on and basically customize the way I want it.The plan was get a car that I could do most of the work on myself and use it as a learning experience, as well as having something that is rewarding and fun to drive. Over the past couple years I have learned so much and I am hoping to have the car running and on the road for summer of 2019. December 21st, 2016: With help from a few friends we picked up the car took it home on a trailer. The car was rusty, full of dirt and other crap, mice had gotten into the headliner, the fenders, rockers, and a-pillars were rotten along with the trunk and some other common spots... basically the car was not worth salvaging but that didn't stop me. These are just a few pictures of the car when I picked it up. There will be more to come in other blogs!
  8. But do you have a passenger side Euro turn signal?
  9. Driver condition, not cracked.
  10. Does the set contain 4 fender flares?
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