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  1. Not exactly sure what year they are from. They were on a front bumper without the side rubber trims. They should fit your 73.
  2. A pair of front overrides that were just chromed. Comes with new rubber pads and black molding. Price includes shipping within US.
  3. Bumpers are in EXCELLENT shape and come complete with shock covers, accordions and shocks. Local pickup preferred but can ship at buyers cost.
  4. He sent me two responses for the same item minutes apart.
  5. Beware of the following seller. He has posted the same exact message on other sites asking you to reply to his email. A search of his email brings up scam alerts.
  6. Looking for the early smaller overrides that were on the front bumpers of the euro 02's. Part numbers are 51111802617 and 51111802618. thanks
  7. Brand new pads for early front bumper overrides.
  8. Thanks for all the info, alot to consider. I’ll give Le Tran a call.

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