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  1. I should've bought this car when it was in Edmonton. Saw it for sale on the alberta02 list, and it had me twisted. What a car.
  2. Vonbimmer, that car is insane. Another Edmontonian here. My 76, procured with help from Anthony.
  3. Maybe put up a post on the main forum.
  4. The old webbing on the bottom of the recaros was sagging quite a bit, and some hog rings were missing, so one of the straps wouldn't stay attached. Felt like I was sitting on the floor. installed new webbing and hog rings and can't believe the difference. Should have done this right away.
  5. Do you make any with inserts for 5spd shifters?
  6. realgone


  7. Peeled the tires off the bottle caps and had them mounted on some ATS Classics yesterday. Spent all night ripping around town and took some pics here and there. Happy with the way this one looks. All the instagram filters. IG: hoarderesque
  8. Dudeland, sorry to hear that. Maybe mothball it for the summer and come back when you're feeling recharged. Steve, when I suggested a single Canadian forum or two sub forums for East and West I was thinking, maybe without foresight, that it would be great for Canadians to do some parts swapping/selling/buying without the hassle and cost of crossing borders and exchange rates. But splitting it up province by province would be much better for building up communities. There are successful local email mailing lists but they can be hard for newbies to find. If you're asking me, provincial sub forums under a Canadian forum would be the way to go.
  9. Diving Board, as the e30 guys like to call them.
  10. I would love to do it like kbmb02 did, and clear up my side marker lights as well, but I want to keep the paint that's on there for now. william, got any pics of the process?
  11. Those are the heavy hitters for any car scene, no question. As a guy in Edmonton, I would love to know what is going on in Calgary without clicking into another sub forum. I would think someone in Kamloops or Victoria would feel the same about a separate Vancouver forum.
  12. For a cars and coffee night, maybe not. But a yearly meet, definitely. And hey, it's gotta start somewhere!
  13. Suddenly I feel a lot of pressure! But I suppose it has to start somewhere. Thank you for doing this. Western Canada is usually considered to be British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. East would be Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island.
  14. Agreed, I would think that an East and West would get it started. Is it still self service? Could one or two be created?
  15. I was cruising the regional forums and it doesn't appear to be anything for the Canucks. It'd be great to have one, maybe two (east vs west?). Or maybe I'm missing something, is there a group that already caters to the Canadians?
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