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  1. Retro Festival Fortune 2017
  2. I have swept 250 km in 5 hours on annual retro rally of "10 lakes"
  3. First start 2017 BMW 2002 ti BMW 2002Ti Weber 45, New Crazy project
  4. Briefly: A cam-shaft from Elgincams under extent of compression 9,5 Head of the block of cylinders from e21 320 with the carburetor under extent of compression 8,1. Therefore it is milled from a head - 2,5 mm. Also new the valves, a chain, axes of rockers, etc.
  5. Hello! My name is Mikhaylov Alexey, I from St. Petersburg. I show in this blog my BMW 2002, made in Germany in 1974 and restored in Russia in 2016! In the course of restoration original details of BMW 02 series have been used. New and second-hand spare parts were bought on eBay and in other shops worldwide.
  6. Retro cars Festival "Fortune 2016" Russia, St. Petersburg, September, 2016 BMW 2002 participant of a festival.
  7. Opening of a season for BMW 2002 in April, 2016. The first driving after long winter. Several photo and video.
  8. Yes, it is that car. They did only the motor and carburetors. The body was done by other experts:).
  9. Restoration of BMW 2002 1974, Russia, St. Petersburg. Several years of work in 6 minutes of the movie.