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  1. Here's what I've got left: * hubcaps * sidemarkers * saddle door ashtray * hazard light switch that I'm 90% sure doesn't work * door handle * hub centric rings and lug nuts for an e28 * radio antenna, probably e32? I've also got a brake master booster/cylinder, with a marking 3.6852-2400 on it. The internet tells me that's an e30 part?
  2. Got one milk crate of random stuff left. Hubcaps, some lug nuts.
  3. I've still got most of this stuff if anyone wants it. I'm driving from Sacramento down to San Jose Sunday, so I could pick up and deliver if anyone wanted any of it. Still an option if anyone wants to take a truck up and grab the lot.
  4. The big pile of junk is stored at my family's house in Sacramento, but I'm living/working in South Bay, so it's pretty easy for me bring stuff down.
  5. I've got a couple things lying around from my 02 that I'm trying to get rid of (since I haven't had an 02 in over a decade). None of it is in great condition, but most could be cleaned up. It's all currently sitting in Sacramento, but I can arrange transportation to the Bay Area as well. * Driver's side window * Driver's side quarter window * Driver's side door handle/armrest * Both seatbelts, with inertial retractors * Both sunvisors * Both front seats from a Lux edition, black velour, a little crunchy but upholstery is good * One front seat (passenger?), Saddle * Bonus headrest, Saddle * Rear bench seat, Saddle, not great condition * Gas cap, actually in pretty good condition. No key. * Horn * Rear light assembly, just one, inexplicably painted Malaga on the inside * Four hubcaps, a bit dinged up * Most of the plastic fluid reservoirs * Radiator cap * Blue plastic wind deflector for the sunroof * Red sidemarker * Steering wheel that actually looks like it's from an e23 (?) Probably some other stuff will surface as I dig through the garage.
  6. I've got the drivers side window and quarter window left over from my '73. Don't want to ship, but can work out transportation around San Francisco / Sacramento area.
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