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  1. Interested in: Front seatbelts Kidney grille Rear window latches with caps Left Ventilation window winder Tail lamps chrome frames Low Hi beam / Turn signal switch? (left side) Are under dash panels available??? Shipping to 33433
  2. body filler, sanding, sanding.... and lots of sanding.. will post updates when its done.
  3. Found this great job at thttps://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3241434 Want to thank its creator Allan Chou for such a contribution to the 02 community. You can download the files for free, (personal use, not for commercial purposes) Here's mine printed, glued and ready for paint.
  4. I only need the right side (passenger) of the rear long bumper. Part # 51121814704. Is that possible?
  5. Thank you guys!! Your advice just saved me $60. Ordered from Rimmer Bros UK. Door Weatherstrip Seal - Inner - 850323 2 In Stock £6.70 £6.70 £13.40 Sub-Total: £13.40 Shipping: £19.77 Order Total: £33.17
  6. Jaymic is doing that but shipping prices tu US are crazy...
  7. Contributing to this topic. Same situation happened to me today. White smoke only in higher RPMs... I realized that after 55-60 mph white smoke appeared noticeably in the rearview mirror. Smoke dissapeared when speed dropped or idle. Checking later with my mechanic, he told me that everything in the engine bay seemed normal. Then we found one broken grommet at the MC and BF reservoir almost empty. It makes sense that brake fluid has entered the combustion chamber through the brake booster. Tomorrow I will test the car again... UPDATE. Car tested. Engine runs well. No more white smoke, but still some blue smoke over 80 MPH. Maybe new valve stem guides will help.
  8. E21 calipers was what I had available at time of repair (many years ago). Still using original rotors, no modifications on them. Regarding circuits, I just closed one first, upgraded to E21 MC later... no big deal...
  9. Hi Brandon. Now searching one rear window bracket. Left side in good condition... pm if available.
  10. Just went through this. Bought a Febi brand CSB and it seems I got a bad one! t lasted only 11 months, less than 3k miles. Bought another one. I chose Febi thinking it was the best option. Very frustrating doing this job twice in less than a year...
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