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  1. I have E12 head . Dated 73. Thanks
  2. I need to rebuild my 2002 engine Any idea where I can't find oversized pistons ,and oil pump? Regards
  3. I found the shifter linkage. Looking for single barrel carb.
  4. Looking for 1971 shifter. Shifter linkage and bracket. Rebuilt carburetor.
  5. Wtb hood molding front right side . In perfect condition .
  6. It's a us model . Imported from California 3 years ago.
  7. I shipped cars to Europe before .so Im familiar with the process. I can ship to Canada if process is the same.
  8. For sale 1971 2002 chamonix New paint . Turbo body kit. All original except front recaro seats . Original engine and 4spd. Runes and drives . Shipping to Europe only. Car located in Kuwait.
  9. I am selling my 1971 2002. I bought the car from a faq member 3 years ago.car needed total restoration chamonix white. Fresh paint , rust free ,turbo flares and front dam, rear euro bumper. Recaro pole front seats ,new carpet. New windshield Car in good condition . I'll try to post pictures tomorrow. Video upon request. Buyer pays shipping. Will assist with shipping. Car located in Kuwait. Shipping to Europe or US usually 2000-3000USD.
  10. part number on the box suggest its front . thanks for the help, but what about the first picture ?
  11. i do not think that's a cut ,maybe its bent , ill have to check again tomorrow, did not check the length will do that tomorrow also. thanks for the advice .
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