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  1. Are these still available. I had figured they were gone but no "sold" indication.
  2. How do you feel about green??? NM/NA. https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/pts/d/bmw-2002-m10-e10-gas-tank/6607818624.html
  3. Oh and a belated happy fathers' day...
  4. Oh, what i wouldn't give for a son who can weld!!! Alas, mine is 12 and neither of his sisters seems to show any promise whatsoever... ;-)
  5. Thanks Toby and Evil for your input. One question, Evil: why TIG on the seams? Could the same be done stitch welding with a MIG machine?
  6. OK, i need some guidance. I am working on rust repair on what will be a daily driver; no aspirations to show the car but as long as i am doing this, i don't want to do it in such a way that it will be unsafe, unsightly or risk having to do it again in my lifetime (lets figure 20 years). That said, i have three areas of rust in the driver rocker, one at the front above the jack support and two at the mid door. Each is no more than 4" wide and the back two are about 4" apart. i have a replacement sill to work with but have never really welded sheet metal and am intimidated. So, would you suggest patching this damage as 1 piece, 2 (patching the rear 2 areas with one patch) or 3 (minimizing the area of patched metal)? How far vertically would you go? The back two holes are well below the molding mount holes so could easily hide that seam behind the trim. The horizontal area of the door opening is all in good shape so i think no reason to expose the joint to open examination. Also, given the location of the repair and the intended use of the car, would you suggesting butt welding these patches in or would lap welding suffice? The area between the inner and outer sill have surface rust but it does not appear too deep. Would you address with by applying POR 15 or ?. I am thinking something should be done while the area is somewhat accessible, just not sure what. Thanks in advance for any input you would care to provide.
  7. Rust free hood with trim; a steal for the right person https://palmsprings.craigslist.org/pts/6131977930.html
  8. Exact twins to what i have. Looking for ones that don't have holes. Thanks anyway.
  9. Is one of the mounting studs missing? Any faults or damage?
  10. what would shipping run to the US, postal code 90274?
  11. I believe Rogers Tii has these listed on their site.
  12. Is the spare tire well available and serviceable?
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