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  1. shaggyT

    NYC 02's & Coffee


    brakes aren't working on my '02. May need to swap the MC but have 2 exams before 10/6 really want to make it to this
  2. Whats the best way to remove this trim? I bent and cracked the side one on the trunk trying to remove it
  3. Was trying the remove the strut spacers in the front, removed the 3 nuts up top but can't get the shock to drop enough to where I can lift the spacer off of them. Looks like theres an upgraded sway bar, not sure if that has anything to do for it. Tried to pry against the control arm, still couldn't get it low enough to slip the spacer out. What do you guys recommend?
  4. Hey Dave, Was wondering how much a shifter refresh kit would run. Thanks, Shafen
  5. shaggyT


  6. Sorry for asking Noob questions, I'll definately go back and use all the helpful advice given in this thread. Once again I appreciate all the help and knowledge you guys share.
  7. Going to try everything you suggested this weekend with my father. The shifter problem was exactly what you guys suggested, working on getting a rebuild kit. I really appreciate all the help I'm getting from all of you guys. Making a frustrating situation easier to work through.
  8. How did you figure that out and what did you do to fix that?
  9. After pulling the car off the road and working on the weekends this past month, replaced the calipers, pads, and new flex lines with stainless steel lines. Flushed and bled the whole system with new DOT 4 fluid, only to find that the problem is still there. What we did find was that we could not get anything to come out of the inner bleeder on the passenger side, no air or fluid. When taking the bleeder completely off it looks as if fluid can be seen through the hole. The other 2 bleeders on this caliper are fine. Alot of air came out of the outter and my guess is to compensate for the inner, maybe? So after 20 minutes of the car running the brakes are seizing up again, I don't know if that bleeder not drawing anything could be related to the problem or where to look next.
  10. I'm going to try this i feel the pedal getting stiffer so this is likely. I'll post back next weekend.
  11. After pointing the bleeding catch tube higher, was able to bleed the rear the pedal got stiffer. After pumping for awhile managed to get fluid out of the top bleeder on the front caliper (new caliper). Didnt get any fluid to the other bleeders(inside/outside) before decided to wrap up for the day. Is it likely that there is just butt load of air in the lines due to empty new calipers and empty new front lines and requires major bleeding? Or does it sound as if master cylinder seals gave out?
  12. Yeah trying that method, but looks as if no fluid is leaving the master cylinder, there is no pressure at the brake pedal.
  13. I just swapped the front brakes with new stainless steel lines, new calipers and pads also on the '76 . After attempting to bleed with the 2 person method, only very little fluid comes out of the rear passenger side, there is no resistance in the pedal and the reservoir doesnt look like it went down at all. With the car there is absolutely no brakes. After cracking the front caliper bleeders no fluid is coming out. After pumping vigourously there is still no pressure, with car off or on. What can it be
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