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  1. do you have a brake booster for a nontii 1976
  2. Pretty big show taking place out in Kings Park next sunday
  3. Its by email registration only so let me DM you the details
  4. Anyone coming to the March Madness show next Sunday out in long island? Trying to get my 02 ready in time
  5. Working to get my car ready, would be down for a bear mountain trip soon
  6. Bought my ‘76 a little over 2 years ago from down south in Florida. The seller didnt have the car for too long and didnt know much about the history. Would be pretty cool to find someone that knows about this car. I did find some previous registration cards in the car from various states. Probably a long shot but would be awesome if anyone by chance knows of any history with this car
  7. I just pulled off all the air conditioning parts off my car as im deleting the ac. I'll sell you whatever you need
  8. few shots my cousin took when i took the '02 out after a few month to fill it up before it goes into hibernation for the winter
  9. shaggyT

    NYC 02's & Coffee


    brakes aren't working on my '02. May need to swap the MC but have 2 exams before 10/6 really want to make it to this
  10. shaggyT

    Trunk Roundel

    do you still have those roundels?
  11. shaggyT


    how much shipped to 11433
  12. do you have any left side turn signal indicator stalks for late 02s? I need one for my 76
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