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  1. i run Dapper Lighting in mine HID and projector for focused beam : https://www.dapperlighting.com/collections/projector-headlights/products/dapper-lighting-7-inch-classic-v2-projector-kit
  2. Raleigh NC here too. Interested. Can we meet up so I can take a look? thanks! s_esporasATgmailDOTcom
  3. i have my thoughts..but damn im curious.
  4. Ncbimma


  5. I hope all goes smoothly! I just got a corrected title from the PO for my Tii I got not too long ago. I'm hoping its not too big of a pain with the NCDOT inspector. I'm pretty sure my numbers all matched- but now you got me worried and I need to double check!! I had my Porsche 356 CMC speedster inspected here in Raleigh and all went amazingly quick and smooth about a year ago...so there's hope!
  6. Hey Mike, Perhaps I've seen your car before- I've seen the same color in your avatar prior when out riding my bike new Harris Lake (new hill)
  7. Thanks for the FB page! I doubt I'll make it to the Vintage this year- I'm still sorting out car issues.
  8. Just trying to get a feel for how many 02'ers are local here in Raleigh?! I'm in the NW side near Brier Creek | 72 Tii Perhaps we can form a GTG or some sort of wrench and quench meetup...would love to poke some local brains on some tii behaviors.
  9. Is this not the Ansa red tape exhaust? My Ansa came with the same red tape and side decals..
  10. Exactly what I've been doing. Seems like an ongoing effort though as they keep showing up in numbers.
  11. Took possession of a vehicle that apparently had been stored long enough get an infestation of these little stink bugs. I keep finding them on the floor boards and in the door seals. While I absolutely HATE insects/ spiders, I'm wondering if anyone had any eradication methods that are tried and true. Can I smoke them out? I don't want to kill them because I'll then be stuck with dead lil bug bodies all over. But if I have to I will. I'm planning on a new carpet kit, so I'm ok with coating the interior with some fog or something, but I don't want to ruin the headliner/seats/dash. Thoughts?
  12. Any interest in a trade with a '57 Porsche 356 speedster outlaw rep widebody | 1905cc w/dual Weber's 44s? I'm looking for something with a hard top now- I'm in Raleigh.
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