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  1. i run Dapper Lighting in mine HID and projector for focused beam : https://www.dapperlighting.com/collections/projector-headlights/products/dapper-lighting-7-inch-classic-v2-projector-kit
  2. Raleigh NC here too. Interested. Can we meet up so I can take a look? thanks! s_esporasATgmailDOTcom
  3. i have my thoughts..but damn im curious.
  4. well NOW you post this.... Yellow interest here.
  5. I am just swapping out for some r100s from some factory 5 seats: The angle is a bit weird on the pic but they only sit slightly higher. This is on the BMW slider rail still. Still got to fab up my bracket.
  6. Thx for this. I assumed I'd class up too high with all the mods. I'm running 15x8s with Toyo R1Rs, tower bars etc... Looks like I'll be getting smoked again. The last car was a 325 with all bolt ons wide ass tires and 3.46 diff trying to compete with evos and stis...sigh..
  7. Anyone classed out their car lately for SCCA autocross? I'm looking to do some races but not sure where I fall into and or could fall into to with some part swapping. I looked on SCCA site and classing just gets confusing to me- am I HS or street prepped or who knows what bc I'm tii and not regular 2002. I used to run with my E46 3er back in the day and knew classing was quirky as I had to run STX with my bolt ons and wide rear tires. I'm a 72 tii with suspension, bushing, intake, header, exhaust, seat and wheel modifications. Secondary question, what needs to be tended for a successful tech pass? I know HPDEs we're much more strict but again I haven't tracked in ages for either Solo or HPDE. Thanks!
  8. I tested this and found blocking off the hoses led to cooler running temps. Looping ran warm.
  9. Ahh.. I got lured into some post arguing racing and 4 and 5 is no good but 4 is good but always use 3...yada yada yada. I ended up with 3
  10. +1 for brake fluid being low. Mine fluttered too then came on and remained on after sometime driving. A whole other debacle is finding accurate info on which fluid to use...ended up topping off with dot3 *flamesuit on*
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