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  1. Ahh.. I got lured into some post arguing racing and 4 and 5 is no good but 4 is good but always use 3...yada yada yada. I ended up with 3
  2. +1 for brake fluid being low. Mine fluttered too then came on and remained on after sometime driving. A whole other debacle is finding accurate info on which fluid to use...ended up topping off with dot3 *flamesuit on*
  3. Ncbimma

    Bike rack advice

    seasucker guy here:
  4. Ncbimma

    E21 Recaros

  5. Ncbimma

    Rsherwood Buyer beware! 3?! This is epic... ...also where have my last 5 mins gone...ugh. buyer and seller owe me my time back.
  6. Ncbimma

    VW Recarro Seats

    Do these flip forward for access to the rear seats? And have these sold?
  7. Ncbimma

    Heater bypass hose size?

    I just had them clamped closed for a little while with small lock pliers to stop flow during my testing but found some solid metal rods to fashion a "plug" and hose clamped it in place. I've yet to pull the heater box out bc of laziness. Now that it's colder, I may reconsider. I'm no 02 guru but I've not run into any probs yet with it setup like this. Been a couple months now.
  8. Ncbimma

    Heater bypass hose size?

    My heater box leaks into the cabin. Like Simeon, I read connecting the 2 was bad. I tried it and got high temp readings so I didn't drive with it connected. So I ended up just plugging both hose ends and now the car runs nice and cool no matter how hard I run.
  9. Ncbimma

    Pedal box hole

    Ran my wideband loom through the hole on the right to my gauge. Then replugged with foam.
  10. Ncbimma

    tii Coolant Hoses

    My IE hoses were slightly off my OE hoses, but all worked fine. I see no issues with yours.
  11. Ncbimma

    Hurricane Florence

    Just got the update. Roof was opened up and house was flooded top down. Both upper and main floor flooded out. Mine was ocean front off Scotchbonnet/6900 block.
  12. Ncbimma

    Hurricane Florence

    Not much here in Raleigh. Basically like a regular lingering tstorm with some wind. The beach house in Emerald Isle may be a different story- I've yet to inquiry my guy down there. Saw Bogue Inlet pier took a whooping and Atlantic Beach's pier was swallowed. Been thru 6 or 7 canes, this seems the weakest but also the most slow moving one which I think makes it worse on the flooding.
  13. In the same boat about not wanting $2k seats. Thinking about some replica SR3s on eBay for $500 but don't want them to be absolute trash. So I have also been contemplating the e30 sport seats but am unsure on if I want to remove the factory rails. I assume the tunnel affects clearance and would cause the seat to sit in a lean to the door?
  14. Ncbimma

    Introduction - new owner in NC

    Welcome! Tii in Raleigh here!