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  1. Same here! I ended up finding a weber 40 from a guy I know so I rebuilt it with the correct jetting sizes and chokes and the car runs perfect! such a huge difference from the 32/36. really helps in the twists and on the freeway! glad to hear yours worked out too!
  2. HAHAHAH this project was the biggest aspect of building this car and it was fun because I didn't think I would actually attempt this because I hadn't given the idea too much thought. But one day at #neueklasseandkaffee I told a buddy of mine that I wanted to do this weird single side draft set up but the manifolds were back ordered and sure enough he pointed me in the right direction to my now good friend named Eric which just happened to have a lynx manifold sitting in his 02 storage unit!! so that same day he took me up and I ended up buying it off of him.Now this ended up being a slightly larger project than I had anticipated and ended up taking me three months to get to the point where I could just get in the car and go anywhere!! IMG_0866.mp4 ips-BEF8712A-200A-4EA6-BA91-A07E95C214C2.mp4
  3. Sent by me not sure why I have two accounts... -Diego
  4. Figured someone else could make use of em... I'd rather not send em to scrap. $50 for both local pick up only Bay Area. They'll clean up nice with some steel wool
  5. Sweet thanks for the advice goodkarmech! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Hello fellow forum members, I have been having a problem with my headlights recently. One problem I have had for a while was that the low beams didn't work but the high beams did. However now the low beams don't work still but in addition to that the passenger headlight does not work at all. So I have come to the forum asking for help and ideas on what the solution to the problem could be thanks! This problem is occurring with my 1974 bmw 2002
  7. Hey guys, ended up going with a shorty header and stock downpipe so I have no need for this dude now. Should fit all manual cars without a hitch but will need modification for an auto tranny. Has a bit of surface rust but can be cleaned with some steel wool. $100 and you can deal with shipping or pickup located in San Jose CA
  8. Still available? And are you aware of any play within it, leaks or such problems? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Do you know where I'd be able to get those adaptors to fit into those rear tie downs? I'm thinking it'd be a good idea to have a set for whenever i need a tow.
  10. Had my '02 towed the past two days to take it to a shop soon to realize that the not very experienced young towman grew frustrated with how flimsy the towhook on the '02 was. Then ha started cursing at the the car searching for ways to tie it down haha, his first towing experience with an '02!

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