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  1. Diego Garcia

    FS: Quad Headlamps + Grilles

  2. Diego Garcia

    Bay Area gathering

    Haha nice maybe I’ll catch you at one or the other Lisa, I’m sure I will be at both look out for a barely running 02 with a rack on top haha! Shouldn’t be raining either days but then again the weather has been unpredictable recently. Diego
  3. Diego Garcia

    Bay Area gathering

    Hey Lisa I’m sure you’ve met him once or twice, his name is Carlos. You may also know him by his Instagram page @californiastance Cheers, Diego
  4. Diego Garcia

    M10 and 4 speed trans

    I plan on going through with the m42 swap being that I have everything necessary for one. so I am posting to see if anyone is interested, stock motor runs awesome with the single side draft weber 40 I just resurfaced the head, and replaced the head gasket last month. comes with the linkage for the carb and all. if interested we can talk it over a little.
  5. Diego Garcia

    Bay Area gathering

    A buddy of mine has a nice meet going on this upcoming Saturday just figured id share it with you guys also!! if you have some part you don't need, maybe bring those for trading and selling! someone always needs something to make their own car that much better hahah
  6. Diego Garcia

    Center grille for an early car

    In need of an early center grille my 02 is looking very sad haha!
  7. Diego Garcia

    FS.Still Loads of Parts for 2002 and 2002Tii

    Do you have a center grille for an early car? -diego
  8. Diego Garcia

    Steering wheel hub

    Yeeep haha
  9. Diego Garcia

    Steering wheel hub

    Hmm good to know learn something new everyday
  10. Diego Garcia

    Steering wheel hub

    Don’t know anything about it except for the the fact that I’m selling it.
  11. Diego Garcia

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Put in some work and started the head gasket replacement, going to take the head and timing cover down to get skimmed tomorrow so I can get it alllll put back together!!! I zip tied the sprocket to the timing chain already so all that’s left to do is take the 10 head bolts off and pop the head off by tapping it with a mallet a lil bit... Wish me luck... haha and merry Christmas!
  12. Diego Garcia

    1974 2002 parts car

    I can be down there on Saturday to take a look if it’s there I’ll call a tow and leave you with a nice new place to store things I am in San Jose 4089305342
  13. Diego Garcia


  14. Diego Garcia


    Hello gents you guys have been mistaken this clearly shifts through five gears not including reverse and has all of the 240 markings on it sorry to burst ya bubbles, have a good one lol
  15. Diego Garcia