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  1. Local pick up only, this is an early bumper with no dents just needs to be cleaned up with some steel wool and polish. $200 OBO (408)930-5342 Does not come with any mounting brackets as I do not have any.
  2. I noticed after I hit send😢 Guess I’ve gotta pay more attention lol
  3. The question we should all be asking is who are you dude, nobody asked for your input on used parts! Therefore you are irrelevant. Go stare at your car or something... And it didn’t seem like your first comment was a suggestion but instead sounded like an insult by insisting that I stop being “cheap”... Maybe rephrase next time, or don’t speak up at all? Just a thought however as I cannot make you do anything Mr “custom” 76 haha. - Diego (ps. Read this and do is all a favor by not responding on this thread anymore thanks.)
  4. I guess I’ll have to return my Italian turn signals, roll cage, m42, and the rest of the “Used car”! Geez I’d hate to be driving a used car with so many used parts that are ticking time bombs... it’s part of the fun dude, just mind your own business If a part like a sway bar fails (which they typically don’t) I wouldn’t mind getting my hands dirty to replace it again... Thank you goodbye -Diego
  5. Diego Garcia

    Diego Garcia

  6. Im just a college student on a budget so if you don’t mind keeping your price comments to yourself I’d be very grateful... Best, Diego
  7. Looking for a set of bigger second hand sway bars which will clear an M42 swap. I am located in San Jose so let me know what you have!!! -Diego
  8. I will take this I can pick up also if no one has asked already. -Diego
  9. Anyone with any clear windows!! I can do local pickup all over the Bay Area just list what piece of clear glass for a 2002 you have!! Looking to ditch the green tint windows on my 2002! -Diego
  10. Sounds good, pm me your phone number and I can give a call on Wednesday!
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