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  1. Intrigued by these guys but haven't heard many reviews and they are pretty pricey. Search results for: 'bmw 2002' - Martelius Exhaust
  2. Thanks, I have read this thread over and over, but it appears that a lot of the links are no longer working, and many places are out of stock. Wondering if anybody has any more recent updates. Most of the systems mentioned in that thread are center exhaust vs early style side exit. Also, where do people buy supersprint exhausts these days? the only supplier I see is straight from the source and not US based.
  3. Hi All, I am looking for a new exhaust system for my 71 2002. It will be added in addition to some other go fast bits... Weber 38/38, header, ie stage 1 springs and bilsteins, and st sway bars. I am looking for something that is a little throatier than stock, but keeps the original side exit point as opposed to the Ansa systems that reroute to the center. The first system that comes to thought is the stainless IE system also sold on Rodgers tii, but both have been out of stock for a long time. What are some other options that are currently in stock? Thanks, Chris
  4. Does the ansa system made for the early cars have the same exit point as stock? I have only seen early cars with ansa exhausts that exit from the center.
  5. Looking to buy an aftermarket exhaust for an early 2002. It needs to be one of the side exit types. Looking for something a little throatier than the stock system. Ireland is out of their stainless system, and not sure where to buy super sprint, but hear they are very expensive. Used is fine if in good shape, or if you have a lead on a new system, let me know. Thanks!
  6. Any information on faceplates? I bought a 71 frankfurt to match my 71 2002 and it came with two separate faceplates. One that is fully chrome, and another "pinstripe" faceplate that is supposedly very rare. I don't know anything about it.
  7. Hey Everyone, I have a set of rebuilt dual Solex C40 ADDHE carbs on a Warneford manifold. With the rebuilt set comes 4 parts carbs and all of the parts shown in the pictures. I got these for a really good deal from a fellow enthusiast, and was planning on putting them on my car, but think it's a little too much firepower for a stock M10. Instead, I am looking to trade everything here for a single dcoe setup with linkage, water bypass etc on a lynx manifold. I know this is a killer deal for someone, but I would rather pass on the savings I got on this setup than turn a profit on a fellow enthusiast. I'm sure someone out there is looking to switch from single to dual sidedrafts. There are some linkage parts in the box, although I am guessing some would still need to be bought. Please take this into account. Thanks, Chris
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