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  1. Yeah, if you're going to ask that lofty of a price, there should be complete transparency. Justify it.
  2. A lot was invested in the crank so it was worth saving. I haven't used the crank yet since the repair. I had a few backup engines that were ready to go and our race program screeched to a halt in 2020 and had no need for it.
  3. Theres a big misunderstanding about what "Knife Edge" is when referring to a crank. Cutting away the balance weights while leaving the outer edge sharp is commonly called that, but in reality it isnt. It's just extreme lightening. A true knife edge is only on the leading edge. My crank guru can't say enough bad things about taking all the material off the counterweights. His best work is lightning while maintaining as much stability as possible. A bullnosed leading edge and a reduced width counter weight that is cut straight rather than at an extreme angle is the cats meow, friends.
  4. Pretty crazy. A year or so ago, we had the exact same thing happen. Lightened crank just like yours, h-beam rods, etc. qualifying went well, and early in the first race it started to make some noise and before it could be shut down, it sent the broken rod through both sides of the block. You could look through one side to the other. Same journal. Everything else was fine. That cylinders piston was thrown so hard at the head that it cracked the combustion chamber. Never found the culprit. The crank got saved by a very talented crank shop, but was expensive.
  5. Something to consider, if you can find a roller with bad/rusty front fenders, rusty rear wheel arches, and otherwise good condition, this is a good candidate for a project you're looking for, since the seller probably will let it go for a lesser price because of the work involved to restore it. Good for you, since you won't be using any of that. I got lucky. I found mine cut up to build what you're describing, and the project stalled. It scared everyone off because of the missing sheet metal, but for people like us, it was "prepped". This: Became: Became: I did it, so can you.
  6. Nominated for the "Why TF would anyone do business with this guy?" award.
  7. Pro tip, when you find the 89.22 pistons, give them to your machinist and have them match each bore to each piston, since just because the piston is stamped 89.22, doesn't mean it is actually exactly that. Cast pistons do vary slightly.
  8. I know what you're trying to say. You need pistons for a bore of 89.25mm, instead of 89, aka first oversize to most piston makers. The dealers won't have them, try eBay, which is easiest, then NOS sources like Paul at Maximilian, or a good used set from any of the multitude parts hoarders like 2002ad, etc. They're pretty easy to find.
  9. Andrew, I dont know where you're getting your fake news from, but let me punch you in the face with some truths. "Given how valuable space is here in SoCal, FuzzyCamel was asked to remove his multiple non-running cars and associated parts from the Ireland Engineering property where Jeff had let camel keep them for the last couple years". I had no "non running cars" parked at IE. Jeff let me park my B9 there as a favor. It's an extra car that was more convenient to park there than at home. Parts kept there was also a favor of Jeffs. I never worked officially for IE. I worked and continue to work for him directly on his race cars and for personal projects, developing and modifying race car related items. "has been freeloading for a while and must understandably feel jilted.." "freeloading" See above. "jilted upon being asked to leave". I left after gathering up my belongings and my race car. I left when Jeff left. What reason would I have to continue to be there? As I said, I worked for Jeff directly, not IE. Use your common sense, guy. " I’d hate to see the narrative controlled by someone who..." You left a long time ago. I began to help Jeff shortly after you left. I left only recently. I know everything that has gone on there because I WAS THERE. You weren't. Yet you make assumptions and offer here-say. Anyone can ask me anything they want about IE, and I'll tell them the truth. What do you know about the daily ins and outs at IE? Nada. Stay out of things you are not a part of. My Race car is finished, and proud of it. Both Jeff and I share a space not far from IE, tinkering on our cars, contemplating if it's too early to have a beer, talking about his new boat, etc. Jeff trusts me and respects my opinions and ability. It's why we continue to hang out at the shop and the track. I don't need to apologize to anyone, least of all to someone who posts slanderous assumptions with no basis in reality. Comment on something you actually know about, for the good of the forum, Andrew.
  10. Son of Marty, the “whatever comes next” is we work on our race cars, and the rest of the time he spends on his boat or at home with his wife and cats.
  11. Sometimes they just take the phone off the hook so they don't have to answer it. They used to do that when Jeff was out of town a lot. Now that Jeff left, there really isn't an excuse for that. Better luck with e-mail probably.
  12. My finger replaced the horn a long time ago.
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