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  1. The Panasonic looks amazing. I didn't use a faceplate on mine, recessed it into a custom built panel made out of thin plywood covered with foam and vinyl.
  2. isda


    New wheels
  3. No worries, next time...
  4. Sunday morning sounds good @ Fountains. The weekend of the 22nd also works for me. -Rich
  5. They fit perfectly, no rubbing. Tried going fast over a speed bump, no problems. Very pleased...
  6. Should fit nicely, 15x6.5 20 offset with 195/55 tires. I'll post pics as soon as they are mounted, which will be 30 minutes after Fedex delivers them
  7. Thanks! Just bought a set, arrive on Thursday.
  8. The seats that were in the car when I purchased it were pretty beaten up. Went to the BMW dismantler and picked up a pair of seats for $200. A friend of mine welded the support brackets. Color is similar to Fjord blue, Sherwin Williams special
  9. Just removed and rerouted the fuel line directly to the carb and capped the vacuum line at the source. Runs smoother than before, no more fluctuating idle. Next project, electric fuel pump.
  10. Excellent! Thanks so much for the replies, very helpful as usual. Will be rerouting the fuel line tonight before the rain hits tomorrow.
  11. Could someone please tell me what the item in the bottom right of the image is? One line attaches to the fuel pump, one line to the carb, one to vacuum, another line runs underneath the car and attaches to a metal line. Thanks
  12. Had a good experience with California Upholster Co. They reupholstered my back seat, good deal, quality work but took 3 weeks. Address: 5531 24th St, Sacramento, CA 95822 Phone:(916) 452-2691
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