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  1. Hi Sherman. yes upper cover. Need the one with 72 mm hole. thanks Chris
  2. Hi. I can’t use the cover I have as it’s the wrong size. Hole is 62 mm . It’s for the outer passenger hinge . I would sell it to you if it fits your seat. thanks Chris
  3. Hi Sherman. the lower cover. See pic . I have this one but the size is incorrect. Hole opening is 62 mm and I need the larger one. thanks
  4. Looking for e21 recaro seat hinge cover . Passenger seat outer piece. thanks
  5. Free antenna and mounting piece and cord. Was mounted on front right fender. Buyer pays shipping. thanks
  6. I realized I don’t need them now. thank you.
  7. Free Parts. 2 New Tall Velocity Stacks for Weber 45 dcoe Carb Oil filler Cap. Buyer pays shipping.
  8. Great. I am trying to get it table tested next week to make sure in good working order. Doza
  9. Hi Hank, no info regarding mileage. I bought it from a gentleman in Colorado Springs it says it was in good Working order and it’s been in my garage for a couple of years. I was planning to install , but found a LSD. I could have a bench check done next week if you are still interested . Let me know. thanks Doza
  10. The color is actually Jadegrun not Agave. It's a brighter then Agave with more yellow. I'll post some pics of the new recaros.
  11. Selling 1976 Reupholstered Front Seats. I upgraded to recaro e21 seats so selling this set. Used high quality black vinyl to refurbish and also added new foam . The seats have perforated vinyl on the center portion on backseat and headrest. All hardware and covers are in place. The back folding function needs to be repaired on both seats. I bought the new cables and them ready to install. The headrests also need to work as they do not stay up. asking $500 obo and buyer pays shipping costs. Thanks. Doza.
  12. Selling 49-State 3.90 ratio open differential . $500 plus shipping. I just had the diff table tested on Sept 24. All checked out . Very clean and all in great condition. Thanks. Doza
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