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  1. Hello guys. Just to update, I believe the problem was in the hazard switch. After pulling it apart, I discovered the little arm that travels through the in/out channel was bent. I bent it back into place, put it together, and everything has been ok with the blinkers since. Knocking on wood. I'll report back in a couple weeks. @jgerock It's a '72 !
  2. Shucks, I did search, but no luck some how. Thanks for the tip. Will check into this...
  3. Well, the '02 has developed a problem. Let's see if anyone has any ideas! - Occasionally the blinker light would come on and stay on - not flashing - I could remedy the problem by engaging the blinker stalk and going back to off position - Then one day, blinkers didn't work at all - Pulled relay. Looks like new inside. Huh... - Couple weeks pass, not driving car - Neighbor mentions he saw my blinker going crazy while car was parked - Sure enough, the relay is going nuts - blinking probably 250-300 times per minute - Electrical is my favorite. Oh joy! - Deactivated battery - Can't find any obvious wiring problems - Looked at switch. All is normal. What do you guys think has rendered me in this less than ideal situation? Where to start?
  4. Update: We're now back on the road thanks to the awesome '02 community! Big thanks to Grice for being ready to ship parts, even though we didn't go that route. And ZINZ for mentioning Skips. And Skip, Greg, and Dan (I believe?) at Skips in Conway, Arkansas. What a lucky place to break down, just a mile or so away form a bunch of 2002 fanatics. It turned out the distributor assembly itself had given up the ghost and they lended me a pertronix unit for the trip back home which has it running amazing now. Fingers crossed for the next leg of the trip.
  5. Thanks fellas! Lot's of things to check in the morning. William - I sent you a PM about those parts.
  6. Hi All, My wife and I are on a road trip right now, but the car has gone kaput. Here's what's started happening: Was running terrific. Then out of no where while cruising down the highway at 3,600RPM's it started stumbling and backfiring out the exhaust. It then straightened itself out and drove another few hundred miles. Then the problem returned once again. In the middle of no where in Arkansas we pulled over and I check out the distributor. There is a little play in the shaft, and I can rotate it sightly by hand before I feel any resistance. Is this normal? I cleaned all contacts going to the dist, cleaned the dist itself. Next I put the cap back on and tried to start it, only to have the cap shatter into 4 pieces. I may have re-installed it poorly. Done this plenty of times before but that can be the only explanation... (make sure you get it ice and flush) So I am going to order a new cap tomorrow morning to the hotel. But does the distributor assembly itself sound normal, or should I order some replacement parts for it? No time to dilly dally around here as we're racking up hotel fees... Also another odd symptom as of late is when turning the motor off it wants to keep running. Spark plugs look good. Any help you guys can lend would be great. Thank you!
  7. This thread is full of interesting things. :D Definitely dry out here in Colorado. The battery also seems to be draining slowly. I wonder if that could have anything to do with it. Electrical engineering is not one of my skills. :D
  8. Seats are vinyl & cloth like these guys. Potentially the reason? https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/12/93/36/12933694b9e7b0fc4c218e1269e0e7b8.jpg
  9. Hi All, Was curious if anyone else experiences a lot of static electricity in their '02? I've never experienced a car producing this much static. Every time I touch something metal, shock! I'm concerned I will some day grab a gas can out of the trunk or something and poof.
  10. Yep. Everything in the carb was removed and then blasted with carb cleaner. Twice. Can't find any leaks. There is some play in the butterfly hinges. I am wondering if this could be causing an air leak around the spindles, and creating the idle problems? Plugs are NGK BP6ES. Gaps are good.
  11. Hi All, I have been trying to get my idle smoothed out. Has new plugs. Cleaned carb. New Gas filter. No air leaks that I can find with starter fluid. Went thru the whole timing setting process. - Warmed engine - Removed & plugged vacuum advance - 1400RPM - Set the timing with timing light Then I set my Solex 36/40. Turned out mixture screw 1.5 turns. Didn't idle well. Turned it out to 2.5 turns total and it's still not idling well. If I punch the gas to say 2,000 RPM, it will hover at that RPM and *slowly* (over 10-15 seconds) drop to about 6-900 RPM, rather than quickly dropping to a nice idle. The idle constantly feels like it's either soaring or threatening to die. Not sure what are the next steps without throwing money at it. Any help or thoughts appreciated. Thank you.
  12. Hi guys, I recently cleaned a 36/40 on a car that hadn't been running for a few years. It runs now, but the idle isn't very smooth and needs to be kept around 1K RPM or it gets very rough. I have the idle mixture out 2.5 turns currently. A mystery to me is what the screw on the right hand side of this photo is for (not my photo), and is it supposed to be fully turned in? I plan to pull the idle mixture screw again and spray some more cleaner to see if I can clear any other grit out. Also going to purchase new plugs and reset the valves. Thanks
  13. Thanks, Andrew. Will give it a shot in the AM.

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