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  1. SMM_2002

    Engine Bay Decals

    Here are the photos I took of Sister Mary Matthew's stickers last night. All original stickers. '76 10.24.75 Production 2374765 3.19.76 Last Purchase Date
  2. Good afternoon and I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Has anyone used their Lifetime Warranty from Meineke? I know, right? I should have probably asked if anyone else has one. Sister was cruising at 45 this afternoon when it sounded like she doubled her speed and tripled her power. My receipt is from 1996 and has a lifetime warranty on the front and rear muffler assemblies. Thank you. John
  3. SMM_2002

    BMWCCA 2002 Tip Book

    Please add me to the list. Thank you. Sister Mary Matthew
  4. I agree with Chris at Stone Racing. He most likely will not be around the garage with his other jobs / responsibilities, but I will text him and let him know someone in the area needs help if you do not have other options. Shoot me a DM to share contact info. John
  5. SMM_2002

    1976 exhaust manifold

    Sent you a message. Thank you. John
  6. SMM_2002

    Well this sucks

    Ask the contractor for their "completed operations" coverage under their CGL package. Road and Bridge contractors carry this and it covers property damage as well as bodily injury. A claim on their professional liability ( E&O ) wouldn't hurt either. I am in the industry so PM me if you need help. Great job keeping her under control and saving yourself. Sorry about your 2002. John
  7. SMM_2002


  8. SMM_2002


    One family owned '76 Arktisblau Metallic. 63k Miles
  9. SMM_2002

    Show me your Blue 2002

    Arktisblau Metallic
  10. I recall reading a previous post about the breakdown being in Mike Macartney's '02 Restoration guide. Good luck.
  11. SMM_2002

    WTB Late steel wheel KPZ 10/75 date

    Hey John! Any luck tracking down the 10/75s? Have you moved in a different direction?
  12. SMM_2002

    Differential parts

    @turbophil - anyway to send some Steam Whistle down to the states for Canadian Thanksgiving?