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  1. A small box of misc BMW 2002 parts left from my restoration - most are brand new ( except for the door hinge and dizzy cap ) Im not going to piece meal this out - $ 75.00 USD for the entire box plus shipping to your location. Ebrake cable - Center drive shaft support bearing - rad hoses (3) , differential output seals - wheel bearings , brass exhaust nuts, rotor, differential gasket seal, OEM chrome gas cap , back up light switch , front brake pads and muffler hanger - under steering wheel trim piece I also have two front rubber bumper extensions ( the bellows ) in prefect condition I'll also include ( these are worth more than the what I'm asking for the whole box of goodies ) I don't have a picture of them ( out in the garage )
  2. I've a '76' 2002 - with original engine and 4spd transmission - Originally from TX - currently registered in AB - was repainted in TX prior to 2001 - overall very good condition - very solid since it was a TX car. rockers, sills, all the seams are excellent - I did a small 8" x 12" replacement patch on drivers side ( near the round plug thing ) from a factory replacement panel I bought from Wolf Steel - I also replaced the spare tire bottom again with a factory report panel - all the floors have had the tar coating removed - then I did POR 15 treatment - then Dyanmat sound deadener then installed a new underlay and carpet kit. One great thing with this car is the electrical system is not hacked or modified - all the harness is in perfect as new condition. Shifts well, stops well, rides really nice ( better than my new Ford F150) Price listed is in USD for those south of the border - in CND it would $ 15,000 Some of the other stuff I did listed below - New interior Carpet kit – new underlay – Dynamat sound deadener New Replacement door panels and clips - New door seals – new trunk seal New water pump – New Radiator New Rubber brake lines – New E-Brake Cables New Rear Drums, New Wheel Cylinders, New Brake shoes New Weber 32/36 progressive carb Rebuilt axle shafts - cleaned lubed new allen bolts new CV boots – New Wheel Bearings Front and Rear( inner and outer ) New ANSA Sport Muffler Original Unrestored Tan/Leather seats New fuel lines, Spark Plug wires – New Motor Mounts Drivers floor pan replacement – spare tire well replacement ( Wolf Steel QC) POR15 sealed – epoxy coated and primer – undercoated Gas tank refurbished with POR tank sealer kit - New Fuel Filler Hose Gaskets New Locking BMW gas cap ( original included ) Upgraded shocks – Blistien HD & new suspension bushings Upgraded 14” BBS rims – New BFG radial tires Reworked factory bumpers for better fit - shortened bumper shocks - shortened the rubber bellows - Front turbo airdam – European rubber air deflector installed on rear deck CIBE fog lights – with protective covers FM/USB radio in factory console – upgraded speakers rear deck I know these are worth a little more in CND than they are int he USA - only because of how few we see here and if they are here they are rusted junk. This is not a project car it's a nice driver. It's not a pebble beach concours example either, it has a few scuffs and bruises as you'd expect for 40+ year old car with 17+ year old paint... It runs well - I have a small oil leak ( about the size of quarter if parked overnight ) that I haven't traced yet. The Behr dealer installed AC functions but does;t blow as cold as it should thinking it might need a recharge. The dome light doesn't function For what I've seen for sale in CND I think I'm pretty close on price. I do have the original TX title for this car if it's important for registration in the USA - It was imported in CND back in 2004 I have that paperwork as well. Previous Owner was based in TX then moved to CND ( Oil &Gas guy )
  3. how much for the shift surround to a fellow CND in Alberta T2C3E3
  4. I also have a near complete engine - up for sale in the other post - I'm located in Calgary - it's near complete other than distributor - - E21 head - I'm only asking $ 185 USD plus shipping - from T2C3E3 - I had checked to get it to CA was only $ 125 via transport... t's a bit dirty but blocked onto a pallet - turns freely
  5. any other bits kicking around for a fellow YYC bmw guy.. I need a set of front bumper accordion end pieces for a '76 or similar ( the would need to have good studs to mount them ) I have two sets of rears but lost the front one's somehow.. you can send me a PM if you have anything.. also looking for a shorty centre console or pats of one anyway...
  6. if don't find a buyer - I'd be interested int he front accordions assuming the studs are intact... I lost mine somehow during my rest ended up with two sets of rear accordian bits... I would need you to ship them to me but would pay for units and postal costs...
  7. i would be interested in the shifter surround ( on the right ) the matching leather boot and a round shift boot .. posted to Calgary AB if possible... T2C3E3
  8. sent a couple of PM - by the way not looking for a concours part - this is driver... just would like to be able to operate the hand brake properly as the long console kind of gets in the way...
  9. I'm going to be putting mine up for sale next week ( it's just in for it's out of province ) - I'm in Calgary AB '76 2002 - original TX car so pretty solid I had to replace the bottom of the spare tire well and small patch panel in drivers foot well but I used replacement panels - was repainted about 20 years ago in TX - Black car - Tan interior - I can send you a full list of things done - could little cosmetic things to be sorted out... I have some hard to find spare bits that will go with it too. ( like a spare replacement windshield, rubber surround and chrome trim ) POR15 epoxy coated interior - dynamat - new carpet and pad, new door panels, new door seals, new trunk seal, rebuilt rear drive shafts, inner and outer rear bearing, front wheel bearings, flex disc, new rubber brake lines, master cylinder, new rad, new Weber 36/38 - just to name a few of the things done... It's got replaced suspension bushings, Bilstien shocks, new tires, 14" BBS rims - [email protected] take the red arrow down and drive it home...
  10. I have a long console ( decent condition ) but would like to buy and change to a shorty version - My car has the BEHER AC unit - wondering if anyone has a set of sides - I don't mind a few rips or tears as I'll be recovering anyway... send me pic of what you might have kicking around... I could probably use the shifter rubber and lower mount too if someone has one...
  11. I have a set of rear bumper ends - the rubber bellows from a '75' or 76' BMW 2002 - that are near perfect. I'll post pictures later or you can send me a PM and I can send them to you. I would be interested in selling or maybe trading them for a set of front end caps - I've changed out the bumper to a 320i style so I need to cut and fit the fronts ( but somehow my old ones went missing during my restoration )
  12. bumping this up - engine does turn just fine - little dirty but came out of a running car... YES it's for sale pretty cheap as I acquired it for this price so passing on the deal... $ 190 USD yes your reading that right.. plus paying for shipping from Calgary AB - it's on a pallet, blocked and stretch wrapped ... shipping from T2C 3E3
  13. I have a mostly complete but dirty engine out of a 73' or 74' BMW 2002 - Head is marked as an E21 - comes with intake and exhaust manifolds, starter, WEBER carb, mechanic fuel pump, water intent pipes, flywheel etc all attached. Oil pan is in great shape no dents. Turns over freely by hand, good unit for a potential rebuild. I got engine from a friend of mine - do not know internal conditions - plugs came out looking a little rich. Only thing missing is the distributor - even the water pump in attached. I have blocked the unit to a pallet for shipping for Calgary AB T2C3E3 - I've covered in plastic and stretch wrapped - then strapped the motor sitting upright to the pallet for transport or pick up, I have the engine at my work so we can load with a forklift no problem... take a look at the pictures what you see is what you get. I bought thinking of rebuilding but car to far gone to warrant a nice new engine... I think I have it priced fairly. $ 275 CND plus shipping from Calgary - for those in the USA that would be about $ 190.00 USD - MAH00822.MP4
  14. If he doesn't take it I'll send $ 30 for it ...
  15. what about the console ? Any pictures and or a $ please ...
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