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  1. Ray Brandes

    Fun with ureathane

    Years ago I made silicon molds to make wax patterns for investment casting. Now I am applying those skills to restoring my 700's Using machinable wax, I cut an open face mold for a simplified tail light gasket. The cast urethane gasket turned out quite nicely. I poured a second one and now they are on Baby.
  2. Ray Brandes

    Baby does here thing!

    Sure am Scott. It has a lot of pep compared to the single carb. Now that the single carb is rebuilt, it probably is better than it was, but I am not going to change out engines until I have a reason. Regards, ray
  3. Ray Brandes

    Baby does here thing!

    Baby made the round trip of 200 miles from Panama City Beach, Floirda to Landmark park in Dothan, Alabama yesterday. Cruised at 60-65 MPH with no issues. Got up to 73 at one point while passing slower traffic.Baby showed she no longer needs to be pampered!
  4. I was checking https://www.bmw700.net every day for a while, but after months of inactivity I gave up. This morning I took a look and was quite pleased to see some new additions! Check it out. Marcel, nice to see you are back at it. Regards, Ray
  5. Ray Brandes

    Baby's story updated

    Single carb engine rebuilt. May fire it tomorrow. http://www.bmw700.ray-vin.com/babystory/babys_story.htm
  6. David, If you find new fenders, what are you going to do with the ones you have? Regards, Ray
  7. Ray Brandes

    Cars & Coffee

    Steve, Looks like the guy who broke the passenger side door handle there! I don't think Baby ever raced per say. No roll cage for starters and the single carb motor just wouldn't cut it. I am rebuilding that motor now and was surprised to find 6-bolt heads on 4-bolt cylinders. It also had Jahns pistons. Slightly domed, but not like Sport pistons. The heads had the 38mm intake valves. I am guessing that Vaser's crew threw this motor together from what was laying around. I really enjoy your racing videos. Ruby noticed that I was leaning through the curves! Regards, Ray
  8. Ray Brandes

    Cars & Coffee

    I love cars and coffee! Baby got a chance to stretch the new engine, about 100 miles round trip from Panama City Beach to Destin, FL. Got up to 65 mph with ease, but Ruby was un-easy so we cruised mostly between 50 and 60. How are C&C's in other parts of the country?
  9. Ray Brandes

    Sport Engine Rebuild Complete

    Dave, I got the valves from Werner at Isettas-R-Us. The pistons came from Germany via Elliott Butler. Elliott also handled sleeving and boring the cylinders. Regards, Ray
  10. Ray Brandes

    Baby's story updated

    Well, the Sport engine and trans is in and working great! I took some time to update Baby's story. http://www.bmw700.ray-vin.com/babystory/babys_story.htm Regards, Ray
  11. Ray Brandes

    Sport Engine Rebuild Complete

    Actually, it is a Honda Fit. It is a mini van once you fold the rear seats flat!
  12. Yesterday I started the Sport engine for the first time. I got the car and engine home Feb. 14th, Ash Wednesday. Since then I have been rebuilding/restoring the motor. One of the cylinder skirts had a big chunk missing and the pistons were standard, not Sport and aftermarket as well. The cylinders were sleeved and NOS over size pistons were procured. The heads needed all four valves replaced. All the bearings and seals were replaced and the carbs rebuilt. Some of the tin was banged up. I straightened as best as I cold and repainted. I blocked off the heater ports. I built a control panel with an ignition switch, a starter button, the regulator and the coils. With all the static adjustments completed, I cranked the motor without spark plugs to get the oil circulating. I pulled a valve cover and there was oil pooled in it so I guess the pump is pumping. Then with plugs, but without the fuel pump hooked up, I primed the carbs and cranked it and it popped. I pulled the plugs, plumbed in the fuel pump and cranked it a bit to get gas to the carbs. Finally, with the plugs back in, it was time to see if it would run.... It's Alive!
  13. Ray Brandes

    Solex float valve designations

    Mike, My Bmw 700 parts book shows 1.5 for the single carb motor and 1.2 for the twin carb motor. I don't think there will be a problem using the 1.5's in the twin carbs. What do you think and what does your book say for a twin carb engine which is now about 715cc. -Ray
  14. Ray Brandes

    Solex float valve designations

    Mike, Probably small for 2L, But, my cars are 700's. Thanks for clairfying the numbers. - Ray
  15. Ray Brandes

    Solex float valve designations

    Mike, That could be right. The parts book shows 1.5 for the single carb and 1.2 for the twin carb. Regards, Ray