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  1. Very Cool! I almost bought a 1600 back in the late '60's after blowing the second engine in my 700. The hub caps look so similar to what I am looking for for my current 700 I widened my search. However, the 1600 has 13" wheels and the 700 has 12". Also, the part numbers do not match. Well, the beat goes on....(grin)
  2. Seems the German source does not have the little rubber bumpers for the boot and bonnet, so I poked around the web and took a gamble. These bumpers popped right into the old holes and are great! They are a perfect fit! I am going to keep a list of replacement parts to share with the other 700 lovers. Regards, Ray
  3. McMil, I added the weather strips. They compressed and took a set and are going to come off. I have some rubber bumpers on the way and I hope they fit. They look exactly right, but.... http://www.homeprofasteners.com/index.php?route=product/product&keyword=rubber bumpers&description=1&product_id=693 I will let you know how they work out. After having the hood latch out and examining how it works, it only serves to lock the hood down. There is no provision for it to push the hood up when the ratchet is released. Therefore, I believe the two bumpers at the outer ends need to contact before the latch is set. Then pushing down in the middle will bend the hood slightly and the hood itself will be the spring that pops it free. One other thing I realized is that if the cable breaks or is not adjusted correctly in that the latch cannot be released, there is absolutely no way to open the hood without cutting metal. Very scary! Regards, Ray
  4. ray_, I had the gadget out and it just locks. There is no part of it that will kick the hood up. So, some upward spring force is necessary. The rubber bumpers out near the ends are dead. I tried some foam weather stripping, but that compressed and took a set. What I am thinking is when I get new rubber bumpers, to adjust the latch so the center of the hood has to bend down a little to lock in place. That way the hood itself will the the ejection spring. Regards, Ray
  5. I can't find this little cone coil spring in the parts book and I am wondering if it is indeed original. It doesn't have enough force to pop the hood when the release is pulled. Please excuse the purple, I think the camera was set to something funky! Do any of y'all have this spring? Or does my latch need some kind of adjustment? Regards, Ray
  6. I have taken the alloy wheels off as they are very badly out of balance. But, they look great!
  7. Thanks McMil! It looks like you and I are the only 700 guys who aren't lurking on this forum... I search ebay all the time and never found these two leads. How do you search and find them? Regards, Ray
  8. Thanks McMil! Gosh, the shipping is a killer. Might save some bucks by flying to Munich and bringing it back in the luggage. Looks like about one hundred euro per corner... Regards, Ray
  9. I didn't get a jack with my car, so I was stuck with a little floor jack just to be safe. However, it was too heavy and took up too much space. I searched for a jack on ebay, my search term was "vintage jack." Here is what I got. Regards, Ray
  10. Thanks, McMil. Email sent. Regards, Ray
  11. Here is a scan from a parts book I got from der fatherland.
  12. Need shocks all around for my 700. Can't find anything on the web. I am sure they are available. Anyone have a cross reference? Regards, Ray
  13. McMil, Anything yet on the mounts? I could go for a set. Regards, Ray
  14. I have seen heli-coils put in to aluminum heads with no thoughts as to what chips may end up in the cylinders. Just start the engine and blow 'em out. Aluminum is soft and the only issue I can think of is if some tiny bit gets between the piston and cylinder. Just to be safe, If I was doing it I would stick a vacuum tube down the hole and suck out whatever I could. Regards, Ray
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