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  1. LemmeB, Ain't it funny how people ask a question and then you never get an acknowledgement of your replies? Same thing happens on FB friends of 700. Someone asked how much oil the 700 uses and there is no response. Just a "thank you" would be great. Regards, Ray
  2. Steve, What is it that makes you think it is for a 700? Regards, Ray
  3. Thanks for the word JimK. Perhaps a 72tii will take the place of the 700 Sport I am restoring. Regards, Ray
  4. I have just finished reading Rob Siegel's Memoris and while I am a 700 guy and have yet to get a 2002, I am wondering about all the problems with plastic fittings in the BMW cooling systems. I should think someone would be addressing the problem with quality metal parts.
  5. Oilman, I am not well aquainted with the 2002, but my 700 has rockers that are in bad shape. I guess this is about the same as your frame rails. Get well soon! Regards, Ray
  6. Oilman, Good luck with that 2002! I hope it is less work than Val, the car you see above. Plans are to have it dipped before any metal work begins. Regards, Ray
  7. The 700 got some good ink in both the Roundel (BMWCCA) and The Ultimate Classic (BMWCCCA). More good photos in both magazines. Ruby and I both had a great time and will probably go again next year. Regards, Ray
  8. I met Rob Siegel at The Vintage and bought "Ran When Parked." I am on the last few pages now and enjoyed it very much. If I wasn't knee deep in a 700 restoration I would be looking fir a tii! Regards, Ray
  9. Scott, Only how the three point seat belts were attached in the two Sports. I have to look at Val and see if that third anchor point is there. Regards, Ray
  10. One great time! I met lots of great people and saw many BMW models I didn't even know existed! Three 700's, two 600's and One Isetta. The rest of the thousand or so were new klasse.
  11. Scott McVicker sent me this link: https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/raritaet-bmw-700-ggf-isetta-oldtimer-alu-radzierringe-felgenringe/1068088724-223-1019
  12. Steve, Second career is started! I am winding down Ray-Vin by discontinuing a number of products. We will still be making scope stands and smokers, but the focus is now moving on to repair and restoration of vintage autos. Part of that is making repro parts. I am on the verge of buying sheet metal equipment to begin the task of rebuilding Val's unibody. Here is just one of the areas that needs new steel. Regards, Ray
  13. I have that original and I bought a repro which is just as good and better for getting dirty in the shop. Repros can be found here on ebay; https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=162997743209&_sacat=0 One thing I would like to do is scan out the English and illustrations and make my own English only PDF version. It is difficult to follow when the text and illustrations are not on the same page. Zinz, thanks for bringing it to our attention. I am sure someone will want that original. Regards, Ray
  14. Making more parts for my restoration. These are covers for the brake and clutch pedals.
  15. Years ago I made silicon molds to make wax patterns for investment casting. Now I am applying those skills to restoring my 700's Using machinable wax, I cut an open face mold for a simplified tail light gasket. The cast urethane gasket turned out quite nicely. I poured a second one and now they are on Baby.

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