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  1. The 155/R70 13's fit the car well and don't look too skinny. These wheels will go on the 700CS, Val, in a few weeks.
  2. Well, I bought a set of 175/70R 13's and while they fit the wheels fine, there was a rubbing problem in the front. The tires are too big and they really didn't look right on the car. I have a set of 155/70R 13's on the way.
  3. I am looking to buy 4 P175/70R13 tires. Since I won't be racing and driving occasionally, I don't kneed top dollar tires. I am considering rubber in the $50 -$70 range. What do you like and what should I stay away from. These are going on my PanaSport wheels.
  4. I looked for LED panel lamps for my '60 700 and found these. They are a bit brighter than the tungsten and the light is white. The price is good too! The lamp is a BA7 and is also the type that fit my '68 Beetle. This company has LED's for just about everything. https://www.superbrightleds.com/moreinfo/ba9s-ba7s/ba7s-led-bulb-1-led-ba7s-retrofit-car/10/11034/ Regards, Ray
  5. Wow! That is quite a failure. I would expect a piston to break first. Regards, Ray
  6. Check it out at https://www.bmw700.ray-vin.com/ under Baby's Story. Regards, Ray
  7. 19 cars now counted! https://www.bmw700.ray-vin.com/census/census.htm
  8. I have started a page to see how many 700's are still huffing and puffing. If you want your 700 listed, email me at [email protected] I would like a photo, your name and general location. This is how it looks right now. http://www.bmw700.ray-vin.com/census/census.htm Regards, Ray
  9. LemmeB, Ain't it funny how people ask a question and then you never get an acknowledgement of your replies? Same thing happens on FB friends of 700. Someone asked how much oil the 700 uses and there is no response. Just a "thank you" would be great. Regards, Ray
  10. Steve, What is it that makes you think it is for a 700? Regards, Ray
  11. Thanks for the word JimK. Perhaps a 72tii will take the place of the 700 Sport I am restoring. Regards, Ray
  12. I have just finished reading Rob Siegel's Memoris and while I am a 700 guy and have yet to get a 2002, I am wondering about all the problems with plastic fittings in the BMW cooling systems. I should think someone would be addressing the problem with quality metal parts.
  13. Oilman, I am not well aquainted with the 2002, but my 700 has rockers that are in bad shape. I guess this is about the same as your frame rails. Get well soon! Regards, Ray
  14. Oilman, Good luck with that 2002! I hope it is less work than Val, the car you see above. Plans are to have it dipped before any metal work begins. Regards, Ray
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