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  1. I am looking for a set of mounts too.
  2. Hey guys, I picked up an 02 a few months ago sight unseen. it was a good deal and I am deployed so I figured I would take a gamble. I will back in the states, Yuba City specifically, around mid December. I was wondering if anyone who knows more about these cars would be cool enough to come check out what I have and give me some direction on my build? Thanks guys, Keith
  3. how much for the set in the 2nd picture?
  4. Are you still making these? very interested in a full set for my 02. Keith
  5. I recently saw on a build someone was doing on Instagram where they switched from the stock booster to the TII booster it was smaller in diameter. What change will that give you and does anyone sell them new? Keith
  6. The only other car I have worked on this in depth is a 1950 ford sedan. I know the car is going to need a lot of not so sexy stuff. I have access to a tig welder and a large verity of tools. I mainly work on motorcycles so body work is new to me. I am from Maryland but I am stationed in California. I am currently in the middle east and the car is in Cali. I have never really been in love with a car or had one that I was super proud of so that is what I am aiming for. I would like to make something that looks nice and handles well and be better than stock. I do not know exactly what my build budget is but I am willing to spend money if its going to be way easier or save me a lot of time. For example If I could build 4 coilovers for $650 or buy a pre made setup for $800 I wouldn't mind spending the extra $150 and not have to weld and build something that I will only have to do once. I do have access to a CNC mill, an analog hand crank mill and a lathe.
  7. When I say id like to race auto cross I don't plan on having a full blown race car i just want something thatll be fun and do better than a standard 02 around a course. Lets put it this way, my friends have an 87 325is and the other has an "89 dodge Omni we all want to see who is fastest and who can improve their time the most in the matter of a day. Thats the kinda autocross I'm after. I know I am going to have to do brake work in order to be able to drive the car and rebuild a carb and get the timing down among who knows how many other things to get the thing to move under its own power so i figure if I have to fix or rebuild something why not upgrade it as well. Does anyone have any experience with the Wilwood kits vs the Volvo and the rear disc conversion? Also does anyone make a good front and rear coilover kit for around a grand? Keith
  8. What are these made from?
  9. Hi everyone, I just picked up a '71 2002 and have some work to do. I know there are plenty of threads covering what I am about to ask but I would like to compile them all into one and eventually write an article on weighing the options of things to upgrade and what works best. I want to build my car as a restomod but I am not a purest by any means. My car was parked about 9 years ago due to a brake failure and the owner never got around to fixing it and sold it. I believe the brake setup is original and I would like to upgrade to something better. The first thing I found was the Wilwood kit from Ireland Engineering. I like the look of the kit for 15" wheels how they fill out the entire rim but is it overkill for street use and an autocross every now and again. If I am going to upgrade the front brakes I would like to put disk on the rear as well. I would like to match the front and rear with wildwood on both but for the cost of the Wilwood kits am I getting anything better than what I could piece together? I know there is a VW setup that I can run on the rear too but read something about the bleeders being on the bottom and having to take the caliper off in order to bleed it. Next I was considering upgrading to coilovers. I know these cars handle well as is but I would like to upgrade to something that may be adjustable for street and autocross use. I do not necessarily need to do the rear end but would like to if I can do it for a reasonable price to performance ratio. Should I just buy a set already made or should I build them myself. lastly for now I would like to put down more power than the stock m10. I was considering an m42 or an m20 with the potential of eventually a turbo build just other upgrades to get me in to the 200hp range. Thoughts? Like I said I know all of this has been covered before but please don't be an asshole and tell me to just google it. Many of the links I find for this site give me an error and are too old that I wouldn't get a response If I asked a question. P.S. I am currently deployed and have yet to actually see my car in person so as of now this is just a guide/debate for what options for different areas to upgrade are best cost per outcome. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=video&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwiM14z0xK3PAhXFOxoKHQ2TClIQtwIIHjAA&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DpOgXzB3bMLo&usg=AFQjCNFsKqaB70sL22Ae_N1Q6dT_DtTz8g
  10. Do you still have the carb and intake?
  11. I am interested in these seats but will not be back to the states till December. Willing to work with me? I live near Sacramento.
  12. I am trying to figure out where I should start. Ive owned 2 E30's and this will be my first 2002. I want to build something that handles well and has good brakes and eventually do an engine swap to get roughly 200hp. I am not sure exactly where to start though I'm trying to find info on the Wilwood disk setup from Ireland Engineering to see if its really worth it but all of the links to threads here that I find dont work. Id like to have something that i could take to an autocross on a weekend and have fun and potentially do well but at the end of the day I want a street car. I guess I am asking you guys what setup I should go with and what mods to make.
  13. A friend of mine picked it up for me. I am currently deployed and have not seen the car myself.
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