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  1. Heading out Monday from Lancaster with EZPass on board for the lovely Turnpike voyage. Also staying thru Sunday afternoon.
  2. FWIW: Just got an update from CCA that the Sunday 15 July 2002 Parade Lap event is "live". You have to modify your existing CCA registration and be signed up for the CCA Corral. Driver cost is $25 and additional pax are $5. (money goes to PVGP charities)
  3. elfhearse

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Removed the driver side motor mount ( because someone had installed the rectangular passenger side mount vertically) Installed the round e28 mount on driver side. Had to readjust the DCOE throttle linkage as it was now idling at 2K RPM Assume the new mount moved the engine enough to cause the throttle linkage to also move enough to affect the idle. Adjusted linkage <1/8" to lower idle back to 1K RPM
  4. SOLD (to Rob Siegel appropriately)
  5. elfhearse

    Caravan to the ICON in Greer

    At Clarion lot, no one is moving yet due to monsoon
  6. elfhearse

    Caravan to the ICON in Greer

    LeAve from the Clarion? I'm at the Wingate and was planning to go to the Clarion at 0830 to link up with anyone.
  7. elfhearse

    Vicariously Viewing Vintage

    You can already buy the T-shirts and ICON book (which is awesome) on the CCA Foundation website: http://bmwccafoundationstore.com/
  8. Boxed up for the trip South (more in the trunk)
  9. I thought I'd replace my alternator of unknown age prior to the 9 hour drive to the Vintage. Got the "standard" Bosch AL89X regulator and when I pulled my existing unlabeled regulator found I opened a can-o-worms. Quick background: I've only had the 76 2002 for less than 2 years having purchased it from a friend who was the second owner for 30 years. I have lots of documents/receipts but nothing on an alternator and forum search didn't help. First photo shows the new Bosch AL89X on left and "mystery" Bosch from my car. The BIG difference is the wiring,. There is no red hot wire coming from battery/solder joint#30. I have D+ / center 10 ga. spade and B+ right 10 ga. spade connections = only 3 wires. Further probing shows the stock voltage regulator is disconnected and spade terminals covered. (last photo) I did some searching on the Bosch voltage regulator on back and the #1197311009 (now 1197311028) shows used on VW Rabbits among other cars. The RockAuto Bosch photos for 1980 VW Rabbit AL113X has identical wiring connections and looks very similar but is 65 amp and has an internal voltage regulator. SO... was the VW rabbit alternator a common upgrade along with the 320i e21 alternator back in the day? At this point its too late to order a new alternator based on an assumption and probably have this regulator rebuilt after the Vintage trip by a local Amish shop who is extremely reasonable. Thanks for any old timer help...
  10. elfhearse

    Vicariously Viewing Vintage

    Right now it appears some rain gear might be in order (and lighting rods)
  11. elfhearse


    Current third owner with 112,800 miles. Stage 2 engine build by Eric Kerman, Long Island NY in 1995. Dual Weber DCOE 40's and Crane Fireball ignition upgrade in 1996. 5 speed transmission from 1983 320is, e21 Recaro seats. IE performance sway bars, Bilstein sports with IE stage 1 springs.
  12. elfhearse

    CCA Icon 2002 preview

    Only one Touring in the exhibit. Rear shot of the Alpina(s)
  13. Zentrum was "closed for repairs" as of last Friday 4 May.
  14. elfhearse

    CCA Icon 2002 preview

    I think that's the NK on the right. Second shot is the Werk Shop project, Third is ?