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  1. Attending for the first time..
  2. It won 2nd place in the Group 8 race Sunday AM. Listed as a 1969 BMW 2002 on the SVRA entry list.
  3. Just waited 3 weeks for my OEM driver side seal to arrive from Germany. I was a bit "surprised" to see it was Made in China
  4. Touring Duncan Imports (Christiansburg, VA ) today with a BMW group and found this 1973 with original pricing sticker sold by the tiny Manheim BMW dealership.
  5. The aluminum lug nuts are unobtanium. I found several that had split barrels and others with slightly shorter length shanks. I had to find a replacement for two and got pretty close with a Toyota mag lug nut with washer removed (far right in photo) I got them from an older friend who has a nice collection of vintage BMW's. I knew they had some slight dents from curbing over the many years but didn't want to give up on them since there aren't many survivors in my area. The BMW tech. couldn't get them to balance on the Road Force machine but did static balance them "with a lot of sticky tape weights". I can feel a bouncing vibration from the rear wheel with the worst tire but that's only over 70 mph, so they'll probably be the local summer cruising tires and NOT going on the 9 hour drive down to the Vintage at a steady 75mph cruise speed.
  6. Purchased a set of CN36's from Longstone in early June before the price increase. Put them on a set of "rescued" Minilites which have some minor bends but static balanced ok. ($35 sandblast at the local Amish shop, Rattle can with Rustoleum self-etching primer and silver metallic wheel paint, coat with VHT polymer. 66mm Minilite centre caps )
  7. Just "rescued" a set, 3 slightly bent but static balanced ok. Finding replacement aluminum lug nuts is impossible. 66mm Minilite center caps fit perfectly.
  8. Only limit I have is not going above 5000 RPM.....just self imposed to avoid beating on the engine. I have a 5-speed conversion and revving thru the gears at 4K is plenty fast on the highway. EDIT --- to avoid creating further cyber angst, permit me to explain in detail: 3rd gear at 4500 - ~ 63 mph 4th gear at 4500 - ~ 77 mph 5th gear ;;; ran out of room on the interstate but its approx. 85 mph IIRC If I lived along a remote Montana interstate I would rev up to 5K+ thru the gears but here in congested-construction-tourist=clogged-Interstate SE PA its not possible. The 123+ distributor is a big improvement over the twenty year old Crane electronic ignition it replaced. I now can actually rev up to 5K where the old Crane seemed to run out of breath around 4200RPM.
  9. Mark92131, I loaded this curve in my 123 and it smoothed the engine in the lower 1500-2000 RPM range. I was running more aggressive numbers (700 RPM - 12°/1000 RPM- 21°/1800RPM - 26°) and was getting some sputtering and lag in that RPM range. The 033 curve really smoothed out the engine and pulls strong up to 5K (that's my limit) Thanks [ Stage 2 Kerman build: Mahle 9.7:1, Shrick 292, dual Weber 40's, tii exhaust manifold ]
  10. Looking for minimum of 4 cast aluminum MINILITE lug nuts, 12mm x 1.5 / .73" shank diameter / .75" shank length including washer / 1.09" washer OD I recently purchased a set of 13" x 5 Minilite wheels and several of the lug nut barrels were split.. so check the old-timer tool-box for any forgotten lug nuts. Thanks
  11. Thiis post https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/243709-123ignitiontunebtooth-good-android-bad/ BLUF: use the Apple/IOS app and it should be "quirk free". My stage 2 build used to run out of breath around 4K,, now it winds freely up to 5K....not pushing it past that however.
  12. I had that problem ….pulled the wire at temp. sensor on coolant block, cleaned spade connectors with QD Contact cleaner and problem was solved. YMMV

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