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  1. '10 328iT Sport wagon

    '10 328iT Sport wagon
  2. '00 Z3M Coupe

    '00 Z3M Coupe
  3. '76 2002

    '76 2002
  4. Name: elfhearse Category: BMW '02s Date Added: 2017-11-12 Submitter: elfhearse elfhearse
  5. ANSA Sport center resonator #191306 with approx. 300 miles on it. (2015 mfg, purchased 2016 from BavAuto) Re-sprayed with Rustoleum Hi-heat black paint. Excellent condition. (I removed the ANSA to go with IE stainless 2") I would prefer local pick-up, shipping is additional. FWIW, I am driving up to Stowe, VT for OktoberFAST on 29 SEP and will be in Stowe for the event on 30 SEP if anyone interested is going there. Also could possibly meet someone on the way up or back) Thank You
  6. Update to an old thread: Just got the Sebring SS exhaust in from W-N and it appears to be a stainless copy of the ANSA sport exhaust which I have stored in my basement. Center section the same as my older ANSA and the rear silencer mount brackets are no where close to being useable. (similar problem with the new ANSA sport rear section from what I've read) 1976 center exit. Guess I'll be fabricating some new mount brackets for a Winter project...
  7. NGK Spark Plugs

    I installed NGK Iridiums prior to the Vintage trip. I have about 1500 miles on them now, no fouling, look great. Great price from Rockauto ($5.63 each + shipping)
  8. Getting excited for Vintage NC 2017

    Just planned the route from PA with all 93 no ethanol fuels stops (VA and NC) Webers will thank me.
  9. elfhearse

  10. I replaced the IE supplied clamp between center and rear section with longer BMW/VW "twin bolt" band clamp. The supplied clamp wasn't wide enough to hold the two sections together and it kept slipping apart. No other complaints.
  11. Regular Car Reviews BMW 2002

    Familiar roads, filmed about 5 miles from mi casa in Lancaster, PA.
  12. Radiator identification

    Lower outlet with the angle up is "mandatory" if you have an A/C komprezzer installed. Standard 2002 outlet straight out to rear wouldn't allow the clearance. (assume it might have been an A/C option for the lower outlet ???)
  13. Getrag 245 - Oil Fill plug

    I had some old VW lug bolts that were 17mm hex end. Cut off the threaded bolt end, welded 17MM lug on the end of an old box end wrench. (welding equipment required obviously)
  14. Powderwheels in Austria

    Same as above, bought refurbished 14" wheels on e b ay, wheels shipped out of Budapest, Hungary. Same super protective packaging as above. Very friendly, no complaints.