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  1. I’ll take this. PM coming.
  2. Bilstein HD (B6)= Old# (F4-P30-0023-H0) New#(34-000236) 163/76 Parameter Bilstein HD (B6)= Old#(F4-B46-0803-H2), New# (24-008037) B6 121/57 Parameter Bilstein Sport front (B8) = Old#(F4-P30-0025-H0) New#(34-000250) 200/85 Parameter Bilstein Sport rear (B8) = Old# (F4-B46-0118-H1), New# (24-001182) 200/60 Parameter Understanding Bilstein Valve Ratings Damping forces for Bilstein valving is measured in Newtons at a velocity of 0.52 meters/seconds (approximately 20 inches/second). The ratings shown correspond to those measurements; rebound force is the first number, followed by compression force (rebound / compression). Conventionally, the ratings are written as one tenth the damping force in Newtons. EXAMPLE: Valve rating: 163 / 76 (HD Fronts) Rebound force is 1630 Newtons at 0.52 m/s Compression force is 760 Newtons at 0.52 m/s Higher numbers mean higher (firmer) damping forces. For example, 200/85 (Sport Fronts) has more control and is firmer than 163/76 (HD Fronts), which has less control and is softer. The Struts/shocks from W&N appear to be the firmer Sport (B8) version based on the photo for the rear. There is no clear photo of the part number for the front but I suspect it is probably the Sport (B8) version as well.
  3. Hey Dion. Some local 2002ers have had good luck with Rockville Ring & Bearing, in an industrial area off of Gude drive. Two blocks bored, rods reconditioned, and recent multi-angle valve job on an E12 head. Doug Barbour is the owner, very helpful and does work for various local 2002 racers. http://www.rockvilleringandbearing.com/ -Alex
  4. I’ll take it if still available.
  5. I’ll take it if still available.
  6. I’ll take this if still available.

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