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  1. Saw this nice Polaris parked in the Caremont Village today. I live in Claremont and haven't seen it around.
  2. Holy crap I'm an idiot sometimes. Now everything makes sense. I saw a picture on google images and it looked like the plate was mounted on the bottom. Thanks for the help. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Thanks for the replies. Are the bolts on the bottom of the camber plate used for anything if it's mounted from the bottom of the strut mount like I have it in the picture? If not, would it be ok to simply cut them off? That seems even easier than mounting it from the top. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. So this is this the situation. I'm upgrading the front and rear suspension on my 74 02. I decided to install IE's Fixed Camber Plates. On one of the struts (and only one) the bolts on the bottom of the camber plate significantly rub against the top strut mounting. (See picture). Thinking I might have missed a washer I've checked a dozen times so we can scratch that off the list of problem. What do people recommend I do to fix this problem. I'm fairly new to all this so I'm insecure about my proposed solutions. 1) Add another washer. 2) Bang the crap out of the top strut mounting flattening it out to gain some clearance. 3) Whatever you guys think is the better solution.
  5. So I'm enjoying my new '02. The first small annoyance I'd like to get straighten out is the driver's side door which requires an abnormal amount of effort to shut. And when the door is closed it doesn't shut flush. Here's a picture of the door closed and resting clearly proud of where it should be. First thing I tried to do was replace the door latch buffer. The old one looked ok but was slightly worn so I replaced it with a new one. This seemed to make zero difference. The resistance seems to actually be coming more form where the door is hinged. Now when the door gets to this point in the picture below it's takes a lot off efforts to close it but the resistance is coming from the A Pillar side before the door latch engages. It seems to me the issue is more around the hinges but I might be wrong about that. Here's what the panel gap looks like on the A pillar side below. It's wider on top but there's no slop when I try to lift the door to see if there's any play. Any ideas about how I might get this fixed would be appreciated. Let me know if you need any more specific description or pictures to help diagnose what's going on.
  6. Seller already took car of all that. Win for me!
  7. I don't mind telling you at all. I paid $3,500. Again, I'm new to the '02 car game but from what I've seen in Southern California that's good number. Having already bought one E30 and looking for another one I had occasion to come across 2002s for sale and I didn't see anything that was running with a straight body in that range. Either way I'm happy with what I paid.
  8. I was looking for a second e30 and instead found something better. 1974 2002. I saw this '02 on Craigslist, made a real, real lowball offer and to my great surprise the seller accepted my offer. I'm thrilled. And the best news is my wife likes it which is something I can't say about my E30. It has no rust (God bless Southern California's dry air). The body is straight. It runs, drives, and stops but I'm not taking any road trips yet. It hasn't been registered since 2000. The guy I bought it from replaced the water pump, thermostat, distributor, plugs, and carb. He flushed the cooling system and dropped a new battery in it. I know a car that's been sitting that long is going to have other issues but I drove it home 35 miles so that's a good start. It's an automatic which isn't a big deal because I'll be swapping in a 5-speed tranny eventually. As for interior, it has good seats and new carpet but that's about all I can say about it. No headliner, cracked up dash, speedo not working, and a window that doesn't want to go up on the passenger door among other things. But for the price I paid I couldn't expect much more. Well, I'm pretty new to this 2002 world so I have a lot to learn. I look forward to using this forum as a resource for years to come. Thanks in advance.
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