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  1. I'm taking an Auto Technology class at my nearby community college. I can receive extra credit for doing a presentation on a topic and because I hound my junior high daughter to take advantage ALL AVAILABLE extra credit opportunities at school, she is turning the tables on me and demanding I do the same with my night class. I'm 50 and most of the people in the class are, not surprisingly, more than half my age. I like all the kids but MY GOD do they have some obnoxious exhaust set ups. I was also young and dumb once so I mostly understand but I thought I'd do a sort of public service presentation on what makes a car sound good as opposed to just being loud. For this I thought I might elicit some of your help. I'd like to use the timbre of this 2800 race car that has been posted here before as an example of what sounds good. Specifically, what do you guys hear that makes this car sound so amazing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSyCDzPDgMM The first thing that strikes me is the intake noise from the ITBs. There's also a wonderful balance between the bass, middle, and higher frequencies to my ear but I don't know if that is the correct way to describe it. It sounds “throaty" at low rpms but then starts to sound like an F1 car when it gets up in the revs. I love the sound it makes off throttle as well. I’m down for a car that pops and shoots fire as much as the next guy but there's something about the smoothness of that inline 6 off throttle that I just want to shot directly into my veins. And truth be told, I think the hillside location is adding a reverb that sounds almost ghostly as the sound continues to echo as the car moves out of frame. What are you guys hearing? Feel free to be as specific and technical or impressionistic as you like.
  2. I'll let you know if I don't hear from Arminyack.
  3. Yes. The part number is 16111104981
  4. Top End Performance Battery Relocation Kit. I bought this kit a few months ago and have decided not to install it. Comes with everything in the lit. Southern California Pickup Only
  5. Expansion Tank I don't need. In good condition.
  6. It can't be used without modification if your going to use the OEM shit boot. The auto console lacks the "lip" (see picture) to wrap the shift boot around. I'm finishing my auto to manual swap and when I get home I snap a picture of how I'm modifying my auto console to accept a manual boot.
  7. This made me laugh because the first person to come into my garage and ask me about my 02 after I got it and started working on it was my mail carrier. He said he had an 02 when he was in the army and stationed in Germany. Now you have me thinking he was just a Ward plant!
  8. If putting that engine into an 02 is wrong, I don't want to be right! I for one highly approve of this build. That little Honda engine is a beast. I can't imagine anyone that's had the opportunity to drive an S2000 hard and really wring that thing out above 7000 rpm that would think this is a bad idea. Are you using the F20c or the F22c1 engine?
  9. I'm a big fan of Matt Farah's podcast, The Smoking Tire. On his latest one he briefly mentioned that John Ward and his company ICON are building a 2002 with the power train out of a new(er)? 2 series. If you don't know about ICON do some Googling to find out how excited you should be about this project if it's true. John Ward is a wizard and his builds are incredible. Here's a Mercedes project ICON is currently working on.
  10. Ya.....I think for the same money I'd take (just off the top of my head).... BMW 2002 Turbo BMW 3.0 CSL BMW 1M BMW M5 (new) Porsche 911 GT3 Touring Ford Raptor and Singer Porsche 911 Call me crazy but that's just me.
  11. I need 5 sunroof clips. Part # is 5412963416.
  12. Saw this nice Polaris parked in the Caremont Village today. I live in Claremont and haven't seen it around.

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