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  1. Got out between the rain drops today. Should've shot the trunk area - it's clean as a whistle and in great shape.
  2. As soon as it stops raining I'll get some photos posted - been pretty soggy up here. As for the mileage - I'm 90% certain the odo hasn't rolled. Took it to a local BMW guru mechanic here and he agreed - but didn't think to get it verified. From the paperwork I've inherited (past titles etc.) it supports the 64k mileage. So - unless someone was pretty slimy that should be it. Upgrades/mods include bilstein shocks, beefed up sway bar, refurbished inertia reels. I believe it's original paint although the mechanic commented that at least a portion had been re-painted. I've got some ownership/maintenance history but not end to end.
  3. Sorry - menat to include the price: $17,500
  4. I've got a '73 roundie - Malaga. 64,431 miles, original interior, body in excellent condition. Body pan excellent - no rust. This car deserves to be ion the hands of someone that values a classic original. I'm in Portland, OR. Any interest in the Bay Area 02 group? I'm going to list it with photos in the next week or two in the usual places - BMWCCA, eBay, Hemmings etc. Tom Boggess 503 807-1178
  5. Hi all. Just became the proud owner of a 1973 Malaga '02. I live in Portland, OR and would like to find a competent mechanic to work with. Any of you aware of such a guy in my area? The previous owner pointed me to Ric Farrar at Sheltie Motors but I think he's folded up the tent as the phone doesn't connect nor does email. Looking forward to participating with you all. Tom
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