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  1. I tried to mark it. The blue bar is not contacting the yellow contact marked yellow. Is that correct?
  2. Hi all. My fan from the heater box had only 2 settings while Turing the knob from mode 0(=off) to mode 3(=full speed). It went from full speed in mode 1 to lower speed in mode 2 en then back to full speed in mode 3. Then I thought let’s check the resistor board. Now I see that one of the metal horizontal flap does not connect to the pin on the left. Is that normal or should I bent it down to make contact? I first want to see if I can make this work before buying a new one.
  3. Why don't you chemically dip your car so you get rid of all the rust? Only applicable if the structure is good enough. Saves a lot of trouble.
  4. Option A - new wheels, new rims, new suspesion, new IE swaybar, etc.
  5. I did a total restauration with all new or refurbished parts, so there is not much to compare to a before situation.
  6. The rims are all the same, and the rear looks ok. The offset is E25 Control arms are defenitally for an 02.
  7. awesome information, I will check that! the top of my tire is about 15mm out so if I can fix 10mm with the camber plates and the rest with fender rolling I will be good. Did you have smaller diameter springs? I read that there is a possibility that the spring will touch the body if you bring it in too much.I have Eibach sport springs from Jaymic. gr, niels
  8. How large was the effect of bringing the top of the tire more towards the car when using the fixed camber plates? Correct it is fresh paint....
  9. See picture. I think I need camber plates in the front.
  10. Yes it is lowered with Eibach Sports Spring Set from Jaymic. So without camber plates it will remain too wide? gr, niels
  11. Hi all, I have a BMW 2002 with a big brake setup from this forum: Front: normal 02 struts with E21 hubs, E21 vented disks and redrilled Volvo calipers from IE Rear: E21 drums Wheels and tires: BBS RS001 with 195/50 R15 front and back. My rims and wheels are all the same front and back, but now I am building my car and I am putting things together I see a larger width between the front wheels compared to the rear. In the front my wheels are also wider then my fenders, while the rear sits nice and flush with the fenders. I did some measuring and my conclusion was that my track width is wider in the front compared to the rear. Did I do something wrong? Or is this normal with this upgrade and do I have to modify something? gr, niels
  12. I think I have the solution. My replacement tank is 51 liters altough I used to have 46 liters original. I have to look for an original one with 46 liters.
  13. I checked with Schrick, the camshaft supplier. They indicated that it is not needed to have oil with zinc. However, I deceded to buy something with zinc just to be sure. thanks all. gr, niels.
  14. Hi all, the old gas tank for my normal '72 carburated bmw 2002 was too rusty to work with. The fuel sending unit was also broken with parts missing. Therefore I started looking for a 2nd hand gas tank to replace it with. I found one, but it is slightly different: It is a bit higher, so the fuel sending unit is just too high compared to the floor.... The connections where it is attached to the body do not line up for 2 or 3 holes The fuel sending unit has only 2 electrical connection pins, where the original unit had 3 pins! I think I can solve issue #1 and #2 but for #3 I have no idea. See attached the original fuel sending unit with 3 connection pins, now I only have 2 connection pins. However, from my wiring harness I still have 3 cables.....the ground cable/connections pin is easily to match, but what to do with the other 2 cables from the harness? I only have one connection pin left!!... Maybe I have to look for another gas tank? gr, niels

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